Thursday, July 31, 2008

Surgery Update

Seems there was some administration/communication mix-up at Queen's and so they could not do the cataract surgery there today. Peggy did get the trach and g-tube changed, but the cataract surgery will have to be rescheduled. Ty feels terrible about the mix-up and says she will reschedule for as soon as possible. Bummer. But 2 out of 3 procedures ain't bad for a day's work! Just a few extra days of blurriness for Peggy to tolerate...hang in there, Peg!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Update

Peggy's getting ready for her eye surgery (and trach and g-tube) tomorrow. I spoke to Ty today and she said that we can discontinue the pre-op drops since they are irritating Peggy's eyes so badly. She said that we can just use the Tobradex which is an antibiotic like the other drops - she said that we can continue to use the Tobradex even though they caused the cataracts because once Peggy has the surgery she shouldn't get cataracts again.

Ty plans to stop by the house to check in with Peggy tonight. And she also said that post-op visits will be at the bedside - Yay! Thanks Ty! Ty also gave the official OK for Peggy to hit the town for First Friday. We'll just need to be sure to lube her eyes up really well for a while since the surgery will have a drying effect. Elroy just bought a few tubes of Refresh PM since we were low and I put the order for 40 tubes to Pacific Health Pharmacy - they will deliver on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday night! Be there or be square! :) And Peggy is looking forward to literally SEEING everyone after tomorrow's surgery! Hooray! Send some prayers Peggy's way tomorrow so that everything runs smoothly. Special thanks to Lolo and Ann Weers for escorting Peggy on her "Bionic Woman Retrofit Adventure".

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Pono!

Happy Monday, Everyone, and Happy Birthday to Pono Lee (Kat's son)!

Had a great weekend of fun and sun and now I'm catching up on my work. Peggy started her eye drop protocol. Be sure to let her eyes soak in the drops before flushing or putting other drops in her eyes. They kind of sting her eyes, but it is a necessary part of the procedure.

We've restocked the Peg's Legs Cafe in Peggy's room today, so munch away! The basket is full of goodies again!

This week we'll be getting ready for First Friday. Peggy plans to attend even though she is getting her eye procedure the day before. She's hardcore! She once went to a party straight from the ER - she is the ultimate party animal.

I'll be spending some time with my mom the next couple mornings, helping her out. She broke her ankle last week and had to have surgery on it. She can't put any weight on it for a couple months - ugh! She's doing fine and trying to is never as much fun resting/slowing down when it is forced on you. I'm happy to be able to help HER out for a change - she's always taking care of and supporting everyone else!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pre-Surgery Eye Protocol for Peggy

Peggy's cataract surgery is coming up next Thursday. She has a pre-surgery eye drop protocol that needs to be administered by the primary caregivers. She needs 2 types of drops put in 3 times a day for 3 days before her surgery. Then more that day, then post-op drops as well. There is a pink sheet of paper on the nurses' board in Peggy's room. The drops are with the paper in a little ziplock. Please review and follow the protocol.


We will give her the drops at 8am, 12pm, and 9pm.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some Requests :)

Just sent the following out in an email, but in case you missed it:

First, here is a list of the August events:

Friday, August 1, 5pm to 9pm - First Friday Downtown Art Walk. We'll be kicking off the month at the Kim Taylor Reece Gallery at 1142 Bethel Street where Peggy will be the featured Artist all month. We'll have some Peggy originals and lots of Artist Proof giclees - even some rare works that have never been shown.

Fri-Sun, August 15, 16, 17 - Made in Hawaii Festival at the Blaisdell. This is our biggest show of the year - our booth is right by the entrance as always. For more info visit

Thursday, August 21, 5-8pm - "Art for ALS" - The first of a 3 day fundraiser to benefit Peggy Chun and the ALS Association. This "Third Thursday" is an artist Reception for Peggy at the Kim Taylor Reece Gallery. There will be a silent auction and Limited Edition Cat Wine Bottles hand painted by local celebrities (including one by Peggy!) available for purchase.

Friday, August 22, 5-8pm - "Art for ALS" Silent auction and Fundraiser Dinner at Downtown @ HISAM (Hawaii State Art Museum). Please call 548-5577 for more info or email me.

Thursday - Saturday, August 21, 22, 23 - Participation by Honolulu Art District Galleries in ALS Awareness & Peggy Chun's artwork.


We are looking for the following. Please email me if you would like to help in anyway...

1 - Artist and other donations for the silent auction events

2 - Upbeat Musicians for First Friday and for the fundraiser dinner at Downtown @ HISAM

3 - A "people-person" to help us work our busy booth on August 16th at the Made in Hawaii Festival. Shift would be from 11am to 4pm on Saturday only (you'll be working with the Peggy Chun Gallery girls so we can show you the ropes that day!)

4 - Someone who would like to sponsor a table for Peggy and her 4 caregivers/guests for the Downtown @ HISAM dinner. The tables are $750 and the proceeds go to the ALS Association to support ALS research. The tables seat 10, so the sponsor can seat 5 more at this Peggy Chun Table. Delicious menu planned with a focus on locally grown and organic cuisine.

5 - Housing for our ALS Association representative who will be flying in from California. Dates of her stay are tentatively 8/19-8/23

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We'll Miss You Rhea!!!

Today was Rhea's last day. We had a great goodbye party for her today. As you know, our theme was "We'll Be 'Lost' Without You" so Karen decorated the room like a deserted island with tons of foliage from the yard. We ate Rhea's choice for lunch - Green Papaya Vietnamese food - and watched the pilot episode of "Lost". In fact, we got so into it, we watched the first few episodes!

Rhea opened some gifts that we gave her. As you'll see in the photo, one of them was so cleverly wrapped by Marvel and Judy. Marvel took a white bunny and cut off the ears to turn it into a polar bear (you "Losties" will understand the reference) and Judy attached it with some raffia and leaves to make it look like it was in the "Lost" jungle! Too cute!

Haleiwa Arts Festival was a success and a lot of fun. Now we're gearing up for all of our August events...more on that soon!

There is a doc visit right now...I'll get the info from Lolo and post it soon, but right now I have to go pick up Indy from school!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Aloha Friday!

OK, so the guilt got to me and I'm at work...Ha ha! Nah, actually, I'm just here checking in since I have a free day today! Everyone, including my kids, went to the zoo today so I have a keiki-free day to myself! Thanks family! I went for a run and now I'm here at the house just checking in with Peggy and the gang.

Seems Peggy has been busy doing nose-paintings with her devoted assistants, Marvel and Recky. Lisa and Peggy named some of them and we've been having fun coming up with more titles today. Some of the gems from today's title brainstorming include -- "Hallucination", "Frontal Lobe Dementia", "Gung Gung's Goulash", "Cola's Dream", and "Nose Bleed".

Hope some of you make it out to Haleiwa to see us this weekend. My mouth is already watering at the thought of the fried green tomatoes and zucchini at the Big Wave Tomato Booth - I just want to bathe in that garlic aioli sauce they serve with it! Mmmmmmm!

For those of you who'd like to join us, we will be having a party for Rhea's last day on Tuesday. The theme is "We'll be 'Lost' without you, Rhea" (if you're reading this Rhea - surprise! Hope you like the theme!). Rhea is a big fan of the show "Lost" just like us, so we're thinking deserted island decor, etc. We'll be ordering food in...and FYI, Rhea is a vegetarian! The party will be at 12:30ish through the afternoon.

I'm attaching a few photos from yesterday...first one is of the guys starting to dig out for the foundation of the deck, next are some shots from the pool party (that's Sawyer in his new floaty suit jumping with glee into my mom's arms and then a cool shot of Eric goofin' off), then some photos of the fashion show and dance party that ensued last night at our house!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Playin' Hookey!

OK, I have to say, I know intellectually that I deserve some time off. I know that taking Indy out of school this week to spend time with her mainland cousins who are here only until Sunday is more important than making her miss out so I can attack my never-ending to-do list. I know that it is Summer and I should just HAVE FUN! But I have to say - I do feel so guilty for not being at work! I really need to work on that.

I am having so much fun spending time with my family, but I am really struggling with these feelings of guilt and this overwhelming anxiety that my work is piling up and I'm getting so behind that I'll never catch up! I also feel very out of touch - I know that not being around Peggy's house for a few days means missing SO MUCH! No one is there blogging to update me and keep me in the loop! (Although, everyone does such a great job of leaving me notes to keep me up to speed - thanks guys!)

So, this is my issue and I'm working on it. I share this with everyone just in case there are other caregivers/women/humans out there who are wrestling with the same issue...if you're out there - I feel your pain! So let's enjoy the summer - guilt-free! We deserve it! Our to do lists will still be there when we get back from the beach and the world will keep spinning even if we step off for a minute to recharge...

And Peggy, Peg's Legs, and Karen - Thanks for picking up my slack while I play hookey! I love you guys and sure appreciate your support and encouragement while I take some time for myself!

So last night my cousin Katie (she's 6) slept over here. She is staying with us for the next few nights since she and Indy just love each other and have the best time playing. Indy is having the time of her life! Today we are going to a pool party/BBQ at my Aunt Suzy's house all afternoon.

And today is the first day of our deck construction - it is finally beginning! We are adding a deck onto our house in Kalihi and so the "micro-pile" guys are here to start digging in the back yard to prep the ground for the foundation work for the deck! Exciting! And the kids get to watch them work out the window this morning!

Here are a few photos of our fun...First - my family taking over Hanauma Bay! Then all of us post-beach at Kona Brewing Company. Then, Sawyer and Indy with all the little cousins!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back from Maui!

Aloooooha! We are back on Oahu! We had such a wonderful time...we stayed with Keola and Moana Beamer in Lahaina. The Superferry is an awesome way to travel - especially with kids! Having our car with us was so easy and convenient. We had so much fun visiting with the Beamers and also Ginny Kaai and Maile Kaai-Cockett and KC Boy who is six years old now.

We spent our days at the beach - stand-up paddling, snorkeling, and sight-seeing. One day Keola and Eric took out Keola's one-man canoe. We also took the kids on the Lahaina Sugar Cane Train. Our nights were spent grilling and drinking wine, hanging out and catching up with the Beamers.

The Beamers are the most loving, gracious hosts - we feel so grateful for their hospitality - what a treat to get to spend time with them. It was the perfect weekend. So beautiful and so relaxing - just what we needed!

So now I'm back to work. I spent the morning sharing all the photos from our trip with Peggy. With her vision issues, I think she was basically relying on my narration, butshe still enjoyed it. Now I'm catching up on work and email and all that.

Doesn't seem like I missed too much while I was away. We did get a new Apria kangaroo food pump. Seems pretty straightforward. Not many other medical updates.

Today is Peggy's daughter Leslie's Birthday! Happy Birthday Leslie! We love you!

We have Haleiwa Arts Festival this weekend...Saturday and Sunday. Come check out our booth! And then next week Tuesday is Rhea's last day working for Peggy Chun Art Studio & Gallery! She will be starting a new full-time job at Partners in Development licensing foster parents, so she won't be coming in on Tuesdays anymore - boo hoo! We sure will miss her - it is the end of an era!

I'm going to take tomorrow off to go to Hanauma Bay with my family that is visiting. Maybe some of Thursday and Friday since all my cousins that are visiting are only here until Sunday and I'll be working the show this weekend.

That's it for now...good to be back! Missed all of you! And (of course) we brought back Krispy Kreme donuts fresh from Kahului! They are in Peggy's room - dig in!

Here are some photos from our trip:

Portrait of me and Eric on the Superferry, taken by Indy

Eric and the kids on the famously old and large Banyan tree of Lahaina

The handsome watermen after their paddle

Indy, Sawyer, and KC hanging out

Gorgeous Maui skyscape

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Off to Maui!!!

We are sooooo excited for our weekend getaway (less excited about having to be at the SuperFerry at 5am, but we're up for the adventure)!

If anyone needs anything while I'm gone...TOO BAD! Just kidding :) Ha! We will be back on Monday (back to work Tuesday) and will take lots of photos of our weekend travels.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Peace! I'm outta here!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Doc Visit Report

Heard from Lolo that the doc visit was another short one. She said that Peggy was "MS. LEOPARDLICIOUS" for the visit. She had on a leopard print fez, a stuffed leopard seductively draped around her neck, and a leopard pillow.

Peggy's only concern that she asked to talk to Dr. Davis about were her eyes - she is just still frustrated by the "blindness" she is experiencing due to the cataracts. Nothing we can do about this until the surgery which is scheduled for July 31.

Peggy's small toenails have been growing in a little funky, so Catherine clipped them and they seem much better.

Peggy says that this week her mood has been "good". Peggy continues to have hallucinations. She has been spelling out some hallucinations and odd information, but has also been very lucid and spelling out accurate information just as regularly. Her eyes are pretty good today, less red and irritated than they have been.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Peggy's eyes have been pretty red and irritated lately, so there hasn't been much communication going on...just yes and no stuff. But we got the Tobradex ointment delivered today so that should help (the Tobradex drops just don't work as well and that is all we have had).

Lisa read to Peggy much of the morning and then we just had a nice treat...Marita Biven's daughter Marcela and her friend Sumi (both drama students at Punahou high school) came over and sang to Peggy! They did a duet from "Wicked" and then another from "West Side Story" which they just finished at Punahou. So fun! What a treat for Peggy and all of us :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a restful 4th of July weekend...Pretty mellow day over here at Peggy's. It is very hot and muggy. Sawyer is a total crab today. He's been fighting a little cold that he got from Indy over the weekend and is just not himself today.

We met with a couple today, the husband has ALS. They are friends of Betsy's. We shared what we could about Peggy's ALS journey. Sharing information with other PALS is so important to us. Peggy has always believed in this. She loves to share information. I have always loved that about her!

I spoke with Ty's office and Peggy's eye surgery has been scheduled for the end of the month - last week in July. More on this as we get closer and plans are finalized.

I am working hard this week to get as much work done as I can since we have a weekend in Maui planned! We're going by SuperFerry! We are so excited to take a little vacation! Hooray! And this month we have family coming in from the mainland...they are going to be here for a few weeks.

I'm hoping to take some time off here and there this month. My plan is to take it easy (as well as I know how) since August is a CRAZY month for us! Of course, we have the Haleiwa Arts Festival this month (July 19th and 20th), but that's nothing compared to next month which is a little NUTS! Here's what we have going on in August:

First Friday at Kim Taylor Reece Gallery with Peggy as the featured artist 8/1
Peggy's Dad's birthday on 8/6
Elroy's birthday on 8/7
Another event at Kim Taylor Reece Gallery on 8/8
Made in Hawaii Festival 8/15-8/17
My mom's bday 8/19
Eric starts coaching ILH kayaking at Iolani 8/19
Art for ALS Fundraiser on Third Thursday 8/21
Art for ALS Friday night dinner 8/22
Sawyer's Bday on 8/25
Hanahauoli orientation stuff and Indy's first day on 8/28 (she's out of school all month until her first day!)
Sawyer starts preschool on 9/2 (day after Labor Day)

Holy cow!!! Now you can see why I'm trying to take it a little easy this month...I have to conserve my energy!

OK - I'm off to pick up Indy from school!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tailgate Party Success!

Home today with Indy and Sawyer, but thought I'd share some photos of last night's "dinner al fresco" (that's fancy for "hot dogs in the driveway"). Indy said it was all she hoped it would be. Eric and I decided that wine helped improve the ambiance.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He's Baaaaack

Just picked up Elroy and he's looking great and feeling great. Good to have him home. And good thing I had a chance to clean out the kitchen fridge right before he called us to pick him up! Ha!

Karen is reading a little Hedgehog book to Indy and Sawyer at the foot of Peggy's bed. Eric dropped them off here this afternoon so that they could spend some time with Puna. Eric had them this morning so that I could work on GE taxes, insurance forms, bills, and other super exciting paperwork. Not exactly fun, but so great to have it all done! Yay!!!

We had some problems with the feeding tube machine today so Denise came by to check it out. She fooled around with it and changed the bag and it started working again. However, it was supposed to have been serviced in 2006 and so she called Apria and they are coming to replace it soon.

I spoke to Ty today and am waiting to hear from her office scheduler. Once I get the options, I'll pick one and then Dr. D will try to fit in the other procedures around the eye surgery.

Heading home now. Indy has been obsessed with the idea of "tailgating". We saw some people BBQ-ing by their car and so we explained to her the concept of a tailgate party. Well, she has been asking everyday if we can eat in the back of our car and so tonight we decided that we're going to do it! So we're grilling hot dogs (soy dogs for me!) and tailgating in our driveway. We'll see if it lives up to her expectations...

Doc Visit Report

Lolo emailed me the doc visit report (thanks Lolo!). Not too much to was a short one...

No news on the surgery for Peggy's cataracts. I will give Ty a call today. They checked Peggy's skin breakdown and it looks better. Catherine cleaned the area and put a new duoderm patch. Peggy's toenails look good.

Dr. Davis checked Peggy's eye movement and reports that it is about the same as last week, but with more ability to move left to right yesterday. Upward movement was good, downward movement not so much.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelly!

We celebrated Kelly's birthday today (her actual bday was yesterday). We partied it up in Peggy's room with a "Red Hot Chili Pepper" theme. We ate pepperoni pizza, red peppers caprese, red pepper hummus with cracked pepper triscuits, little brownies decorated with chili get the idea!

Peggy has a doc visit scheduled for this afternoon at 5:30pm. And both Elroy and his doctor called to let us know that the surgery went well. He'll be home tomorrow or the day after.

Photos of Baby Hanalei Rose!

Enjoy these adorable photos of Peggy's new baby granddaughter, Hanalei Rose Streuli...born to Leslie and Stuart Streuli on Wednesday, June 18th.

Elroy Update

Elroy went in for prostate surgery this morning. This was a procedure recommended by his doctors to help prevent some of the problems he had from reoccurring. Of course, he doesn't want any of us to worry or fuss over him, but we wanted you all to be aware and in the loop! His surgery is scheduled for early this morning and he will be in the hospital at least overnight. We'll keep you all posted and of course your prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated.