Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun in the Attic

As I write I can hear a lot of noise coming from the attic. We are having a small workday here. We've got Eric, Marita Salassa, Lolo, and Pat Lokatos going through stuff in the attic. I wasn't sure if we were going to have a work day today since Karen called in sick (she just got back from her trip and was sick on her vacation - boo!) and Kelly was running late...Pat Gamble came here to help this morning, but seems I sent her away prematurely since we have some worker bees here now!

Anyways, we've made such progress on the can actually walk around in there - gasp! We continue to discover more and more original artwork by Peggy. Today we found a great watercolor of "flying bananas with wings"! We've also found some old acrylics and etchings that she did way back in the late 80's. So exciting! We will be able to have a great art show of her never-before-seen artwork.

We are pretty sure we have found the space we are going to move into and it could happen as early as March. So February is going to be crunch time for us! We are hoping to avoid putting anything in storage which means we have to go through everything to decide what gets donated, what gets sold, what goes with us to the new space, and what (ugh) goes to our house. We are thinking that we may need to do one more big art and stuff sale here at the house sometime in February. This time we'll open it to the public and price stuff to move. I wish I could avoid it since sales like that are labor intensive, but we have valuable stuff that we can't take with us and the money could really help us with our remaining medical bills.

So that's it for now. Eric and I have been working a bit on our house as well...we have had a couple of big work days at our place...something we haven't really been able to do in years. It is nice to work on our personal space for a change.

Okay, back to sorting stuff...gotta get done so we can get home and get the kids down early since it is "Lost" night!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it Tuesday yet?

Wow. I have really been slacking on the blogging...sorry, guys! I have just been so busy with the kids and life. With the unexpected closing of all the schools on Friday thanks to the threat of high winds (that never came), it has been a LONG four day weekend for us. Today, the kids are here at Peggy's house with me. I'm getting some work done while the kids play with Kelly and Pepper in the yard. Thank goodness for Aunty Kelly and her willingness to push kids on the swing set!

Big Brothers/Big Sisters came by on Friday to pick up a ton of stuff we had ready for donation. It is unbelievable how much we have donated - it looks like we barely made a dent! But you can really tell when you go up in the attic. You can actually walk around up there now! Eric has been bringing tons of stuff down for us to sort...he even found five signed Peggy originals...mostly early acrylic works of hers. There sure are some treasures in this house.

We're shooting for another work day on Wednesday, but we hear from some of you that Wednesday is not a good day...we were going to try to add Thursdays, but we can't do that this week because Karen will be on vacation Thursday through Tuesday. Yes, you read that right, Karen is actually taking some time off for herself! Yay!

That's it for now! Just wanted to post and let you all know that we're still here, chipping away at the house, moving forward...we'll have more to share soon...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photos - Finally!

I have finally posted photos on our Shutterfly collection from Peggy's Memorial Service and Luau Weekend. Most of these are from Bobbie Maurer, some from Lynn Cook, and some are mine. Enjoy!!!

Peg's Legs on Shutterfly

Friday, January 9, 2009

Great Photos and our Wednesday Plan

Here are some great photos from Wednesday's costume sorting fun and Ryan's birthday celebration. We have decided that we are going to make Wednesday's our "Peg's Legs Work On The House Days". Of course, you are all welcome any day, but we realize that what we miss is the socializing and being all Wednesdays from 10am are the new official crap sorting days! We made so much progress as a team on Wednesday...tons of donations, tons of was very productive and felt great! Plus, as you'll see from the photos, it was a lot of fun!

And one more thing - Happy Birthday to Kat Lee! Her birthday was yesterday (the day after Ryan's). Hope you had a GREAT day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Update

We are having a fun time here at Peggy's today...we have a bunch of Legs here helping us sort through things we are bringing down from the attic...mostly the boxes and boxes of costumes that Peggy accumulated over the years...don't worry, we aren't dumping anything (unless it is totally trashed). We're keeping some of the favorites and donating the rest. We will find good homes for all of Peggy's treasured costumes!

It is so great to be together again...I was having Peg's Legs withdrawals! And it feels so good to be moving forward on things in the house. It is a New Year and we're recharged! We have already donated almost 8 garbage bags of stuff to Goodwill this week. And they are adding to it today!

And Happy Birthday to Ryan Lee (Kat's younger son). He turns 12 today!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aunty Lynn's Adventures

Here's a special treat for you all. This article was written by Lynn Cook and can be found in the January 2009 issue of Oahu Concierge magazine...Enjoy! Thanks Lynn!


New Year. New Possibilities. New President. And, I agree with the “new guy” when it comes to being positive. You bet we can! I have to tell you that I already embraced that credo “BB” – Before Barack. I learned “Yes We Can!” from a painter named Peggy Chun. In the somewhere-near-twenty-five years I knew her she was outrageous, outspoken and lived out loud. She believed that everything was possible. She knew it. She made a to-do list. She left us a few weeks ago, expecting her friends to get it all done.

Peggy was the master of lists. Pages and pages of ways to get things done while having fun. The expected outcome wasn’t always clear but she was the Pied Piper to be followed everywhere. Some of you might not have met this locally and nationally renowned watercolor artist but you may have her prints at your workplace. Her glowing paintings fill the walls of five-star resorts, hang behind the check in desk of the smallest inn or even in your own living rooms. Still, you may not know much about her.

Her watercolors tell the story of our island home. They sing about the place the world wants to be. She painted glorious flower lei, draped over koa wood bowls that look so real that you almost need to touch them. Even if you have never driven the infamous winding road, Peggy’s painting of “Road to Hana” gives you a lasting memory of the experience. Look closer for the real story of Peggy Chun’s sense of humor. Hiding among the roadside ti leaves are two friendly geckos, o ne smiling toward the viewer and the other sporting a lush, red carnation lei. A quick look at will make you smile.

Those of us who were close friends – and that was pretty much everyone she ever met – gathered for her outrageous parties. We wore fairy wings and hats and penguin suits. Safety being in numbers, we were not afraid to don antlers and attend the Honolulu Symphony. Rules weren’t Peggy’s strong point. Back in the day when I organized the Hawaiian Heritage Cruise events for the cruise ships all my invited guest artists were allowed two boxes of art supplies each. The unsinkable Peggy Chun brought twenty-six boxes. They were necessary. She had a list.

Her paintings run from whimsical snorkeling cows taking a “Day Off From The Dairy” to Hawaiian backyards, ocean views with canoe paddles at the ready, to a magnificent mural of the Blessed Father Damien. Check the signature. There is a code. Some are signed Peggy Chun in a fluid signature. Some have “LH” by the signature. Others have a “T”. What do those codes mean, you might ask.

The evolution of the Peggy Chun style of painting tells the story of her unending challenge with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The progressive nerve disease took the life of he r grandfather, her mother and her twin sister. Diagnosed with ALS in 2002, Peggy knew her technique of painting finely detailed masterpieces would need to change. As her abilities were challenged she continued to defy the incurable disease. Dozens of her friends gathered, looking for ways to help. They formed a group called the “Peg’s Leg’s” and spent the next six years working caregiver shifts, all week – every week, so that Peggy could continue living out loud.

In 2003 Peggy lost the use of her right hand. Overnight she taught herself to paint with her left hand (LH). When her left hand became weak she enlisted the help of artistic members of the now-famed Peg’s Leg’s crew to attach headgear that allowed her to hold the paintbrush with her teeth (T). When she was paralyzed except for her eye movement, her breath came through a ventilator. She didn’t stop creating, transitioning to painting and spelling messages with her eyes on a computer and a hand-held spell board. “After all,” she was fond of saying/ spelling, “you don’t paint with your hands, you paint with your heart.”

We, those of us who are the Peggy apostles, have been talking about creating a bumper sticker. We all know “Eddie Would Go.” He would, he did and he left us with pride. We have tossed around ideas like, What Would Peggy Do? Peggy’s Group This Way!, or my favorite, a simple “Peggy Would .” Peggy Chun left us with a passion for the absurd. She would be the first to agree that we should all wear antlers or bunny ears out of season or a penguin costume if we can find one. Peggy would have made a great cultural advisor to our new president. She would have made him a list and given him a top hat and a kazoo in case he needed them for state functions.

I’m not much on New Year’s resolutions. Too easy to break. For 2009 I’ll make a list. The title – “Peggy Would” – number one item – make Peggy proud by living out loud. Want my take on how to do that? Come find me, I will be the one wearing antlers. See you at a symphony.