Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on Hospice Fundraiser Honoring Peggy

Hi all, FYI, I spoke to Cyndi Sheehan at Hopsice and she told me that if you order tickets thru her, Peg's Legs can still sit together at the $100 ticket price (you don't need to get the $250 table tickets).

She says to let her know you are with Peg's Legs and she will be sure to sit you all together or as close to together as can call her to order tickets at 791-8011 or via email at Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ok, so I talked to Lolo a couple days ago and she totally scolded me for not blogging, especially about the Father Damien portrait going to I am finally sitting down to catch you all up on EVERYTHING! Here goes:

First of all, the big news is that yes, the Father Damien portrait made it to Rome! To best tell the story, here are a few links of some of the press we received:

The painting is also going to be used by Bess Press as the cover art for a translated comic book about Father Damien. Check that out here:

Exciting stuff! Also exciting news about two of our favorite mamas - Rhea Olsen gave birth on August 20th to Logan Kenneth Olsen and Ania Hawajska gave birth on October 16 to Luke Kai Waters. Both moms (and dads) are doing great! Congratulations all!

The year has been racing by and here we are already almost at Halloween! We've had a lot of fun showing Russell and Fabienne's work here at the gallery and now we are gearing up for a big Halloween Day sale and at night we are a part of the Art District's Hallowbaloo Arts & Music Festival.

The kids plan on trick-or-treating in Nuuanu with the Seglers of course. This year Sawyer has decided to be Spiderman and Indy has chosen to be a Fairy Princess. The kids are doing great, enjoying school, getting funnier and smarter everyday. Our furry kids are doing great too - Maka doesn't know what he's going to be for Halloween yet and Cola says she's going as "Boo", which is totally cheating - that's like wearing one of those t-shirts that says, "This is my Halloween Costume".

Since Halloween is just around the corner, that means November is just around the corner too! And that means our reunion is coming up! As you know, we had to move it to Thursday, November 19th. I think it was meant to be this way, since that is the exact anniversary of Peggy's death. I think it will be a beautiful opportunity to get together, reconnect, reflect, and remember.

I will be sending out an evite very soon. I think I have everyone's email, but please let me know if you don't get the evite. And please let people know that everyone is welcome, just RSVP to me via email.

Let's see...Elroy is doing great. He's been attending a lot of the HIFF films - pointing out this son and daughter-in-law in the trailer to the people sitting next to him, no doubt - ha ha!! Wonder if people believe him!

The gallery girls, Karen, Kelly, and Pepper are all doing great as well...we could use more customers, so please keep sending people our way! And come visit us when you're in the area - we miss you all!!!

That's it for now! Be on the lookout for that evite coming soon!! XOXO

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Aloha Peg's Legs! Important announcement: We have to move the Peg's Legs Reunion Cocktail Party to Thursday, November 19th instead of November 20th. So sorry for the change, but we have our November Guest Artist's reception at the gallery on the 20th (which you are all welcome to as well!)

So, please make note of the change: Peg's Legs Reunion Party - Thursday, November 19th at 5:30pm.

More info to follow!!!