Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hey Peg's Legs! The Chun family is going on vacation tomorrow for our first REAL vacation in a very long time...we are really looking forward to getting away and relaxing, visiting good friends and family in SF and then having a family reunion in Colorado with all of Peggy's side of the family! How fun that they will all be meeting Leslie for the first time! We'll be sure to take lots of photos!

I will be missing a few important events while I'm away...Lolo's birthday on June 24th, Kelly's birthday on the June 30th, First Friday on the 3rd, and 4th of July...For a fun way to spend the 4th, check out Vi's blog for info on the Fourth of July BBQ fundraiser for ALS research at Keehi Lagoon Beach Park. There will be softball in remembrance of Lou Gehrig and many other Fourth of July games and other fun stuff!

Be sure to visit Karen and Kelly at the gallery...they are holding up the fort for me!!! I feel so grateful to have such awesome, competent gallery gals...they rock! And be sure to check out the cool jewelers that we will have on First Friday!

Hope everyone is having a grrrreat summer so far!!! XOXO

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hippie Holiday!!!

The Peggy Chun Gallery will be open for "Hippie Holiday" this coming Friday, June 19th from 5 to 9pm...Come check out this fun event - drop by to say "Hey, Man" to me and Kelly!!! Here's more info on the event...don't forget your hippie attire!!!

Gallery Walk & Psychedelic Pub Crawl.

40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love.
51st Birthday of the Peace Sign.

flower powerFLASHBACK TO 1969! Vintage VW's (vans, beetles & more) Lining the Streets • Art Galleries Filled with Symbols of Peace • Psychedelic Rock DJ's & Free Musical Performances at Galleries, Bars, Street Corners & Parks • Twirling Hippies Selling Flowers for Your Hair • Thousands of Hawaii Hippies with Stars in their Eyes.

Heaps of Cash & Prizes Awarded! WEAR HIPPIE ATTIRE and Visit Galleries & Bars for Your Chance to Win.

Fun in Chinatown!

Just had to share these photos from Thursday...we had a great day at the gallery...Rhea came to visit and had lunch with us girls...we had so many wonderful visitors that just happened to come by on the holiday (King Kamehameha Day) - Kay Hoffman, Martha Torney, Lynda Kerwin, my parents, Elroy (well, he comes by everyday!!!), Dawn (who used to come and do reiki on Peggy - she came to the gallery to give reiki to Karen to help her with her vertigo - yay!).

So, here's a photo that Indy took of the girls and I've also included a couple photos of our encounter with stormtroopers on Fort Street Mall...Kelly and I went to go pick up lunch and ran into these characters...what's up with those costumes...I can't seem to pull my eyes away from the crotch area! Ha!!! You gotta love's a lot like Peggy's house, you just never know what kind of craziness is in store for you...

OK, heading off to another Saturday in Chinatown...remember to follow us on Twitter and check out our new Peggy Chun Gallery page on Facebook!!! Anyone going to the Punahou Reunion Luau this afternoon? If so, we'll see you there! This is Eric's 20th reunion so he's been having lots of fun surfing with old friends and catching up with his old gang...have a great weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Follow Peggy Chun Gallery on Twitter!!!

Hey Everyone! We have joined the world of Twitter!!! Follow us! Here is the link:

Photos from First Friday

Hey all! Thought I'd share some photos from this past First Friday. We had Aima McManus showing her dresses and her niece Chenoa showing her jewelry...First Fridays are always fun because we get to see lots of Legs who come out for the night! First, here's a great shot of Aima with Peg's Leg Betsy looking stunning in one of Aima's dresses
We were blessed to have the beautiful music of Dale and Melody right outside the gallery!

Here's a shot of me with Aima and Chenoa...notice the very large painting behind is called "Gathering of Souls"...this amazing original belongs to Mata...we are trying to help her sell it...please spread the word that this spectacular Peggy Chun original is now is a must-see!

We had the pleasure of seeing Peg's Legs private hire Leah along with her boyfriend and mom! So great to catch up with her!

We also got to see our friend Linda she is looking fabulous in one of Aima's dresses!

We had many other wonderful visitors that I didn't get photos of...Lynn Cook, Julie Percell, my parents, Joy Johnson, Cole and was a lot of fun!

I am busy getting ready for our summer less than 2 weeks Eric and the kids will be heading to San Fran to visit some friends and then off to Colorado for a family reunion to see all of Peggy's side of the family...I think I mentioned that Leslie is meeting us there to meet the whole family for the first time!!! Exciting!

So, I'm in hyper-productivity mode trying to get things all set before I go. I will be missing July's First Friday, which lands on July 3 - so please come and give some support to Karen and Kelly who will me holding down the fort while I'm away! We are already planning July's First Friday event...we are having some very cool jewelers in the gallery to show their stuff - I'm sad I'm gonna miss it, but I'm working hard getting it all set up before I go...

That's about it for now...Indy is enjoying the start of her summer...she and I worked on a list of things she wanted to do this summer - the list goes on and on and fact, it reminds me so much of a Peggy List!!! Sawyer is in year round preschool so he is not thrilled about having to go to school when Indy stays home, but we're working through it...he does have tomorrow off since it is Kamehameha Day...I'll have them here at the gallery with me for a fun day...they'll get to play with Pepper! And Rhea is coming to visit us tomorrow here at the gallery! Yay! We can't wait to see her and her prego belly!!! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Peggy!

Today would have been Peggy's 63rd birthday. I have been thinking of her today and remembering all the fun and wacky ways we celebrated her birthday with her...remember the "Over the Hedge" animal movie party at Ward Theaters, the Enchanted Forest Women's Party...Last year on this day we were creating the "Peg's Legs Cafe" and getting ready for Peggy's Birthday High Tea Party...Peggy's birthdays were always so full of love, laughter, flowers...

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this special day. We hope to see you all for First Friday tomorrow night 5 to 9pm here at the gallery! Aima will be here showing her gorgeous dresses and Chenoa will be showing her exquisite stuff! See you then!