Friday, May 30, 2008

Please Answer Poll at Left

Please take a moment to answer the poll at the left of this page. We are planning a Peg's Legs Meeting for June - it'll be here before we know it! We're doing it the week AFTER the big art and yard sale. Please let us know ASAP so that we can set it in stone in our calendars. At this meeting, we will updating everyone on Peggy's plan of care and talking about ways that we can support all of you amazing angels.

Holy Trinity Graduation

It was a pleasure to be a part of Holy Trinity's graduation ceremony today. Shelly and the school surprised me with a Peggy Chun University honorary doctorate degree in "Living God's Love". How cute is that?! And I thoroughly expect to be referred to as Dr. Chun from now on. Ha! As promised, here is the commencement address that I delivered this morning. Enjoy!

Commencement Address for the Graduating Class of Holy Trinity Elementary School

Good Morning. My name is Kimi Chun and I am the daughter-in-law of local watercolor artist, Peggy Chun. I am honored to be here, representing Peggy at what I’ve heard affectionately called “Peggy Chun University”. I know that Peggy is near and dear to all of your hearts. I have seen first hand the hard work and love you have put into painting all of the tiny squares of watercolor paper for her Father Damien painting. Thanks to your dedication and commitment, you have made a dream come true for Peggy.

I have heard many of your essays and kind words to Peggy. I’ve heard you talk about how much you have learned from her. My life with Peggy, as her daughter-in-law/business manager/healthcare manager has also been a learning experience for me. In fact, I have not met a single person who hasn’t learned something from Peggy.

Today, as we celebrate you, the graduating class of Holy Trinity School, I would like to share a few life lessons that I have learned from Peggy. Now, if tried to share with you everything that I’ve learned from her, I’d be up here for days, so today I will just share with you five of my favorite lessons that may offer you some guidance as you head into this next chapter of your lives.

Lesson One: Find the Fun!

Let’s start with the obvious – Peggy is all about fun! She is a total nut! She believes that everyday is good day for playing with paints, wearing a costume, planning a party, or going somewhere new. Now, the lesson here is not that you should be partying instead of doing your homework. It is that Peggy finds the fun in the everyday things.

If there is something that you don’t like to do, gather some friends and tackle it together. Peggy used to hate to pack for trips, so she would have packing parties! When she had a deadline and had to get a painting done, she would invite some friends over for a painting party! So find the fun – and when in doubt, do as Peggy does and add twinkly lights and funny hats.

Lesson Two: There are no mistakes, only happy accidents

This has always been one of Peggy’s favorite sayings in her painting classes. As people were learning to paint from her, they would find themselves frustrated because they would be making “mistakes”. Peggy would say, “oh honey, no no no – there are no mistakes, only ‘happy accidents’!

Painting with watercolor is unpredictable, as you all know from painting those squares! The water and the paint have a mind of their own…you may want your painting to do one thing, but then it does another. Peggy embraced that paintings (and life) take unexpected turns – you can look at those moments as problems, or, like Peggy, you can look at them as opportunities…as “happy accidents.”

Lesson Three: Focus on what you have gained, not what you have lost.

I have been with Peggy through each stage of her illness, ALS. I have seen her lose the use of her legs, her arms, her lungs, her mouth, her voice, and now, she has only her eye movement to spell out words letter by letter. And yet, NEVER have I heard Peggy talk about these things that she has lost.

Instead of mourning what ALS has taken from her, Peggy focuses on what she can still do, what she will do, and how she will do it. She focuses on how lucky she is to have a life where she gets to see friends and family everyday. She focuses on the time that ALS has given her, not the time that it will take away.

As Peggy has always said, “there is always a silver lining, you just have to find it.” So remember these words when you are facing a difficult situation because somewhere in there is something positive that you can focus on…that shift of consciousness is your choice.

Lesson Four: Cherish your friends and family

Peggy is the ultimate people person. She loves people. She embraces each person in her life with all of her heart. Five minutes after meeting her, you will feel like her best friend. She is a thoughtful, generous, and caring friend to those she has known for years and to those she has known for minutes.

She looks people in the eye when she talks to them. She listens to their passions, their problems, their every word. She remembers their birthdays and their favorite colors, she embraces their quirks and celebrates their strengths. Her favorite thing to do is to encourage others to be their best. She shares all of her knowledge, her favorite things, her jokes, her whole heart with everyone she knows.

This is what makes Peggy such an amazing presence to be around. This is the energy that we feel when we stand next to her. This is her lesson…treat the people you meet on your journey with love, respect, and openness – you never know who may become your future best friend, your business partner, your mentor, your teacher…

Lesson Five: Dream Big

This is my favorite lesson and one so applicable at this important stage in your life…at this time, when you are moving on to new schools, new opportunities, and new adventures. Peggy believes in dreaming BIG. You have already been a part of her dreaming…you have, as I mentioned earlier, helped one of her big dreams come true.

When Peggy first talked about the Father Damien portrait, it seemed impossible. Not to her, of course, but to others. To be honest, even I wondered how she could possibly pull it off. But, I know by now never to underestimate Peggy Chun. She dreams big and therefore she achieves big.

Peggy dreams big because of her faith – faith in herself, faith in her friends and family, faith in God and God’s plan. She always says that we can only achieve what we can dream, so why not go for BIG?! This is what makes Peggy the success that she is – Peggy is a “why not” kind of woman.

So go forward, dream big, and if you think something can’t be done, stop, think of Peggy, and ask yourself, “why not?”

So those are Peggy’s lessons of the day:

Have fun
There are no mistakes, only “happy accidents”
Focus on what you have gained, not what you have lost
Cherish your friends and family
And, dream big

In closing, I would like to share a few words that Peggy spelled out on her spell board especially for you. Here is Peggy’s message:

Remember, student graduates, that THE ONLY SECURITY IS COURAGE!
Think about these five wonderful words, anytime fear starts creeping in.
I want you to go for life at its fullest! And enjoy it for the MARVELOUS ADVENTURE that it is. I am so so so SO proud of all of all of you.
I love you,

Thank you.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Art Day at Puna's

Today we had art day at Puna's house. We set up a table in Peggy's room and the kids got to paint. Indy painted some wooden letters for Peggy for her birthday - they spell out "Puna".

We had a short Doc visit yesterday when Dr. Davis was here. Here is the report:

Peggy's left big toenail is a little infected/ingrown. Dr. D got a little pus out. She said that it doesn't hurt too bad. He recommended using a q-tip to apply hydrogen peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide/saline combo 2x a day for about 5 days...he'll take a look at it next week.

We noticed that Peggy's trach balloon was kind of stained yellow. We accused Lolo of eating curry in bed with Peggy on her shift, but she swears she's innocent. Dr. Davis took a look at it and isn't worried. But it is still a mystery as to what made it yellow!

Today the bed collapsed. It just stopped working. I have a call into the bed repair people, they should be calling me shortly and will come and service the bed. FYI - if Peggy's bed ever goes flat, be sure to tend to her head first because her head will flop forward. Once her head is supported, then you can do your best to make her comfortable with pillows propping her all around. Our best guess is that the bed is overheating since it will usually start working again after a half hour or more. We have a back up air mattress that is located in the bench in Peggy's room. You could use this if the bed just won't go back can be put right on top of the other mattress. Obviously, you need to lift Peggy in the hoyer first.

Tonight is "Lost" night! 3 hours of "Lost"! It is the season finale bittersweet for us "Losties"!

Lots of Stuff

It has been very busy at the house lately. Especially since we've had both Indy and Sawyer at the house this week. It has been a house full of kids! We've had visits from lots of little friends, Pepper, Maile Ka'ai's son KC and has been keiki madness and Peggy's been loving every minute of it!

On Tuesday, Joy Johnson and Bobbie Maurer came by and cut Peggy's hair. They did a great job and Peggy now has a sassy new summer 'do.

Yesterday we had a visit from Keola and Moana Beamer. It was so great to catch up and visit. Peggy was so excited to spend some time with them, just talking story and reminiscing about Auntie Nona.

After the Beamers visit, we had a medical meeting at Peggy's bedside with Dr. Davis, Denise from HCA, and Wade from HMSA. It was a great meeting. We covered a lot and will be sharing everything in an upcoming Peg's Legs Meeting. We basically covered some of her health issues like the hallucinations and confusion that Peggy has been experiencing and discussed some longer term planning. We confirmed all of Peggy's wishes and have a solid plan - it feels so great to talk and plan now while Peggy is still able to move her eyes and communicate.

Regarding the hallucinations/confusion, Dr. Davis has done some research and feels confident that this is a symptom of the ALS itself (Peggy agrees). It is not well documented, but it seems that in the late stages of ALS, there can be some frontal lobe damage that can affect cognitive functioning and result in optical hallucinations.

You can help Peggy best by gently (not combatively) coaxing her through these hallucinations/experiences, reminding her that it is just the ALS, that she is safe and loved. Use a lot of touch, reassurance, and comforting words. We will cover this more in the upcoming meeting.

We just want you all to know how much we appreciate you. We are so grateful for the loving care that you give to Peggy and promise to do everything we can to support you at this stage, especially with communication being more challenging. As we have said before, your PRESENCE is the biggest gift you could ever give Peggy, so know how much it means to her and to all of us just to have you there at her side. And whatever we can do to make things easier and more comfortable, please let us know. We are here for you and we love you.

Speaking of more comfortable...after our meeting, Eric installed the new air conditioner in Peggy's room! This AC is a gift from my mom and dad to Peggy (and caregivers!) for her birthday! Thanks Mom and Dad! Just in time for summer!!! The new AC is bigger and better than the last one which had to work too hard for its size and therefore decided to SCREAM LOUDLY at us anytime we turned it on.

He also removed the desk (a.k.a. crap collector) that was under the AC to make room for the new Peg's Legs Cafe. We are planning to put in more lighting, wall shelving/storage, and more in that corner. The old desk got a new home in Elroy's room - he was very excited to have a space to do all of his newspaper cuttings!

Speaking of Elroy, yesterday Eric also went through a AAA "Roadwise Review for Seniors" CD-Rom. It is a CD program that tests your driving responses. We've had concerns about his driving abilities for quite some time. He actually did pretty good on much of the test, there was only some serious concerns about his response time in one section of the test. He vision is actually really good, as is his agility/reflexes for the most part.

Eric has agreed to give Elroy his car key back today, on a few conditions. One, that he keep the driving to a minimum (this was actually Elroy's suggestion). Two, that he talk with his doctor about the issues that were raised in the test. And Three, that he participate in AAA's Carfit for Seniors on June 21 at the Elk's Club. This is a program that runs from 9am to 1pm - you drive down there and they basically inspect and assess your car set up and seated position to make sure that you are best set up/equipped to drive safely. They cover issues specific to senior drivers.

I'm off to Walmart with the kids to pick up some Refresh PM - our delivery hasn't come yet and Peggy is almost out! Seems as if she going through approximately a tube and a half a day! Eek! Dr. Davis suggested that I contact the manufacturer and see if they can give us some in a larger container on a compassionate basis. I'm also picking up some paint for the kids - Peggy has some party decoration project in mind for them today...

I will also be trying to spell with Peggy today. I am giving the Commencement Address tomorrow morning at the Holy Trinity graduation (the 8th graders are moving on to the big world of high school!!!!). I have my speech written, but Peggy has a few special words that she is adding for me to share with the pressure is on! We have to finish it by today so I can read her words tomorrow AM! Maybe, I'll post my speech and her words tomorrow after the graduation...

OK, phew - that's it for now! Good stuff! Lots going on! So fun! That's how we Chuns roll!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sonia & Liko's Wedding

We had a wonderful time at Sonia and Liko's wedding. Enjoy these great photos. The wedding and reception were at Moli'i Gardens in Ka'a'awa just past Kualoa Ranch. It was a gorgeous site for a wedding. Their colors were brown and green, everything was so beautiful, simple, and very elegant. Sonia looked like a princess. We barely recognized her handsome groom without his fishnets and lipgloss (Women's party reference, for those of you who missed it!)

It was so wonderful to meet their families and be a part of their very romantic, special day. Kelsey Sears had me, Marvel, and Adrien (our 5 Star Transcare driver who drove us even though they don't work on Sundays!) in stitches all night. We had a great time. While we were there, Peggy spelled out to Marvel, "I am so happy."

Hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day. We're going to the Lantern Festival tonight at Ala Moana Beach Park...for more info click here

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indy's Preschool Graduation and Other Updates

I know I've been slacking on the blogging...I have just been SO busy with a certain SURPRISE project for Peggy's birthday...if you're reading this to Peggy, don't spill the beans! Ha!

WE just had Indy's graduation from Nuuanu Preschool yesterday. They really went all out with the event - she even had a cap and gown(see photos)! She will be continuing at the preschool until July 31 and then in August she will be attending Hanahauoli School! We are thrilled for her and also for Sawyer, who will be following his sister's footsteps and attending Nuuanu Preschool when he turns 2 in August. We took Indy out for a special dinner at the restaurant of her choice - and so what was her choice? Zippy's!

Peggy has been doing fine. There continue to be good and bad eye days. She has had quite a few outings lately and Eric the nurse noticed a pressure sore on her coccyx. They put a duoderm patch and are just monitoring it. It is most likely due to the amount that she has been in the wheelchair lately.

She will be going to Sonia (former private hire) and Liko's wedding this weekend! She is very excited to be a part of their special day. We are so happy for Sonia and so excited to see her - we'll take pictures!

Elroy has been doing fine as well. He has been up and about, back to his yard work and downtown adventures (he's been traveling by bus or catching rides for now rather than driving, until he has his full strength back - please help us by offering him rides in and out of the valley when its convenient for you!). He's had a couple follow up doc visits and they will continue to monitor his kidney function.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Peggy's GT Schedule

There has been some confusion regarding Peggy's GT/water/med schedule. We have posted a new typed version of the following info on the nurse's board. Please see me if you have any questions:

Peggy’s G-Tube Feeding/Water/Medicine Schedule

Note: G-Tube machine should be set at 35cc/hour. You may interrupt the feeding for personal care (bath, transfers, etc.) Peggy’s total water administered should add up to at least 800ccs/24 hours

Every 4 hours: 30ccs of water before and after OXYDOSE

6:00am: 60ccs water before and after meds

11:00am: 60ccs water before and after supplements (one each of Milk thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and CoQ10)

12:00pm: 60ccs before and after 5ml of Ferrous Sulfate

6:00pm: 60ccs of prune juice and 60ccs of cranberry juice (be sure to flush line with 20cc of water)

10:00pm: 60ccs of water before and after meds

Monday, May 19, 2008

Elroy is Home!

Great news...Elroy came home today! Thank you for all your prayers and healing thoughts. He is doing fine and is happy to be back at home.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Watercolor Cat Wins Award!

Please enjoy this wonderful email from Suzanne Maurer (who, may I add is ALSO AMAZING!!!!):

Aloha to all,

Tonight Peggy and Shelly won the most prestigious award given to children's literature the--Ka Palapala Po‘okele Award! It was such a THRILL just to be nominated and then to WIN over the other 7 nominated in that was an INCREDIBLE night!!! Shelly and I went running out the door to call Peggy, Shelly talked, I cried! We had so wished Peggy could be at the awards dinner, but she will be at The Hawaii Bok & Music Festival at Honolulu Hale tomorrow and so tonight was a bit much.

HOWEVER, it was a night to remember. I was SO HONORED that Shelly invited me. God gave me the AMAZING PRIVILEGE of introducing Shelly to Peggy and asking her to write Peggy's story, little did I dream...!

When I was a bit more composed, I called Peggy and Lolo (Peggy's "A" care giver tonight) to REJOICE with them. Peggy was officially diagnosed with ALs March 21, 2002. She was planning to attend our daughter's decorating party for her's and Nalu's wedding on March 22 (the wedding was March 23). Peggy called me at 7 AM on the 22nd to tell me she has the flu and wouldn't be able to attend, but would I please come up and gather up all the greens Peggy had picked for the decorating party? I did and she still only said she had the flu.

At Nalu and Cathee's wedding, Peggy was one of the last one's off the dance floor, about midnight. It wasn't 'til a few days later Peggy called and asked me to come up to the tell me she didn't have the flu, she had ALS! We cried and were sad and I admit angry and distraught at what we knew lay ahead.

But as I was walking into the Keoni Auditorium tonight, I remembered back to that conversation and God giving me the courage to share with Peggy -- "Peggy, as much
as I hate this diagnosis, I truly believe God is going to use you in incredible ways in thousands of people's lives through this illness". May I just say, little did I know!!! When I think of Peggy's part in COURAGE TO LIVE; The Watercolor Cat; the Damien mosaic, just the lives she touches on a day to day basis. PTL.

Peggy, you are AMAZING; Shelly, you are AMAZING and dear Lord, You are AMAZING.

Please REJOICE with us and this WONDERFUL award and love, hugs and blessings to each of you...

Friday, May 16, 2008

And you thought May was crazy...

We have lots of stuff going on next month, so we wanted to send an email out to touch base. So get your calendars out and mark these dates down!

Wednesday, June 4 - Peggy's Birthday and Peggy's Room Spring Cleaning

This is Peggy's actual birthday. Marvel will be getting Peg up in the chair around 2 and our plan is to spring clean Peggy's room! We have big plans for the room that Peggy is excited about...the creation of the Peg's Legs Café! Our plan is to clear out the back corner of the room and create a "café" for all the hardworking caregivers and visitors...

Peggy's vision is to have a coffee maker, a mini fridge, a water jug (hot/cold), and lots of goodies (with airtight containers of course!). Peggy loves the idea of being able to offer caregivers and guests coffee and snacks (she's always been the best hostess!) We're looking for donations and volunteers for this project - please see me if you want to help with this fun one!

Adnd on June 4 - please come by to visit Peggy to wish her a happy birthday (and distract her from the cleaning going on in her room!) or to help us clean and set up the Café!

Sunday, June 8 - It's High Tea for Peggy's Birthday

This year for her birthday, Peggy has requested a tea party! We had a fun time spelling out "high tea" - we had first spelled out "Highschool Musical" then "hijackers"...we're glad it is actually "High Tea"!

So please come by June 8th from 3pm to 7pm for Peggy's Birthday Tea Party! We'd love to have volunteers to bring some dishes (cucumber sandwiches, scones, etc.) and help with decorations, set up, and of course clean up! Please let us know if you'd like to help with this one.

And at this party we will be presenting her with her surprise gift...shhhhhhh...if you're reading this to Peggy right now...shhhhhh!!!!! Come and read your contribution in person! We're also working on getting copies made for those of you who contributed!

Saturday/Sunday, June 21/22 - Peggy Chun Art & Yard Sale

We're doing another Art & Yard Sale Fundraiser!!! The last one was so successful and so fun, we figured - let's do it again!!! There will be another opportunity to win a limited edition giclee. So start your spring cleaning and donate your unwanted items to help raise money for Peggy's medical expenses!

We'll be accepting donations starting June 1. This time we are cleaning out the garage and hoping to store everything in the garage/cottage area instead of the front room since we have Peg's room cleaning and birthday planned!

Last, but not least, many of you have been asking what to get Peggy for her birthday...First, we'd like to say that your friendship, time, and love are really all she needs. And of course, donations towards medical expenses are always appreciated.

However, beyond that, if you're interested, we have started a wish list of items that could help with some of the projects we're working on...please be sure to touch base with me first if you would like to help with anything on the wish list so that we don't double purchase items!

Peggy's Wish List:

New rug for under Peggy's Bed
Mini Fridge for Caregivers (for Peg's meds and caregiver lunches)
Coffee Maker for Peggy's Room
Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter
Water jug (hot/cold)
New air conditioner for Peggy's room

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Update

Phew. I got hit by a nasty stomach virus Monday night and am just back on my feet today. I am trying to catch up on everything, but wanted to do a quick update. They are still monitoring Elroy's kidney functioning - we are currently waiting for some lab results. Hopefully they will be great and we'll see him back home in the day or so. Thank you so much for all the prayers. Here is the cutest thing - Shelly's 8th graders made get well cards for him that Shelly is delivering! So sweet!

Peggy is doing well today. She rested most of the morning on Leah's shift. We had a visit from the puppy that Tiare is fostering. Now Marvel is on and Peggy's eyes are rested and working well. She is working on preparing a few words for the Hawaii Book & Music Festival on Saturday.

OK, I'm off to go eat more soda crackers and gingerale.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, all you Mamas out there! Today we have a very special day planned. Jason and Eric are cooking for all of us! Jason is going over to Peggy's early to get her in the chair, so she will be able to watch the boys work their magic in the kitchen! What a treat!

Peggy has had a full weekend already. On Friday night, she attended Holy Trinity's Gala Event at the Hawaii Prince Hotel. Lolo and Chris Chun escorted Peggy to the event. I hear that it was a lovely night and Peggy was honored with a plaque (you can see it hanging in her room on the wall above the phone).

The big news from Shelly that night is that one of the student's parents came up to her and said that his company has 8 private jets and that possibly he could get one that could take Peggy to Rome to deliver the Father Damien portrait to the Vatican. We'll keep you posted on that one. The farthest Peggy has traveled since 2003 (when she went on the vent) is the other side of the island! What a miracle it would be if she could travel all the way to Rome!

Yesterday we had the Barnes & Noble book signing at Ala Moana. This was such a fun event. Eric and I brought the Father Damien piece down to B & N. By the way - we just had it framed by Jim at Sunshine Arts and it looks fabulous! The kids from Holy Trinity first read some of their essays about the project and Peggy. Then, the students got to unveil the painting. This was really a special day for them.

Peggy was treated to lots of student essays, adorable speeches by the little ones, and lots of singing. Shelly signed books and we had our trusty stampers on hand - Suzanne, Ching, Julie Percell, and Kat Lee...Hanna and Marvel managed Peggy (and helped us manage our two crazy hyper kids!).

The students did a reading of The Watercolor Cat book for Peggy. Indy especially enjoyed this and got a front row seat right on Peggy's lap! See the adorable photos above. I think this probably was the highlight for both Indy and Peggy.

The folks at Barnes & Noble are so amazing. We just love it over there. They make us feel so at home...we'd move in there if we could!

Hanna and Marvel got Peggy back to the house and tucked in bed. We are so so so grateful to Lolo, who came on at 10pm to cover the night shift since Healthcare Alternatives didn't have anyone to cover it. Thank you Lolo - we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

Elroy is still at the hospital. We're not sure when he will be getting out. We heard rumors that it might be today or tomorrow, but we haven't heard anything directly from his doctor. They are still monitoring his kidney function, but they are also monitoring some secondary heart and blood pressure issues. Of course, we'll keep you posted.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone. We're off to have lunch at my grandma's house (my mom's mom) and then to Peggy's to see what Jason and Eric will come up with for dinner!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Midweek Article

In case you missed it, here is a story about a schoolmate of mine who is "Pushing to Find a Cure" for ALS! Go Justin!

Pushing to Find a Cure

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Update

I went to visit Elroy at Queen's today. He seems to be doing better, but they are still monitoring everything. Looks like he is going to be there for at least a couple more days.

We had a few visitors today...some shoppers and a lovely woman named Annette (and her family) from California who also has ALS.

Sawyer and Pepper are here playing and making noise. It has been quite difficult to spell with Peggy today and the past few days. I have been getting reports from all the private hires that they are having a hard time getting much out.

I think that it is no secret that it is getting more and more difficult to spell with Peggy. Please know that it is not just you, that in fact everyone is having a hard time.

We want you to know that your PRESENCE is the most important thing you can give Peggy. Even if you are not able to spell on your shift, just being PRESENT for her is the greatest thing you can give her. Peggy may not be able to respond or communicate as well, but she appreciates you just being the BEST YOU that you can be. She loves to hear your stories, feel your touch, and just BE in your LOVING PRESENCE.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Father Damien Closer to Sainthood

Many of you may be following the story of the local woman who had her cancer miraculously disappear after her fervent prayers to Blessed Father Damien. The Catholic Church has been investigating this miracle and an article that ran in last Wednesday's Honolulu Advertiser stated that, "Now a committee of the Roman Catholic Church has declared the event a miracle that occurred because Damien interceded on Toguchi's behalf with God. That assessment puts Damien just two steps from sainthood."

You can read the entire story below. And here's an interesting coincidence, the woman's doctor is Peggy's landlord, Dr. Chang!

Damien Credited with Cancer Cure

May is ALS Awareness Month!

National ALS Awareness Month is a month long series of activities geared to increase public awareness of ALS, raise funds for research and advocate for public policies that will benefit people with ALS. Fore more info, go to

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Elroy Update

The Mother's Day Craft Show is going well at the Blaisdell this is our last day. Elroy is still at Queen's and it looks like he will be there at least a couple more days. They are still monitoring his kidney functioning/levels.

It is quiet around the house without him. You can all help by praying for a speedy recovery for him and also by visiting Peggy and the caregivers in the evenings to keep them company. Elroy is accepting calls and visitors, but please call me first to check in so that he doesn't get bombarded by too many people. Thanks!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Elroy Update

Elroy seems to be doing better. We spoke to his doctor, who wants to keep him in at least until Saturday to monitor his kidney functioning. Needless to say, Elroy is pretty stir crazy! This morning we took him a little care package that Peggy put together for him - it was full of newspapers, photos of the kids, and a few other goodies.