Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Leah!!!

Hey Y'all! Happy Belated Birthday to private hire Peg's Leg Leah Yannell! Her birthday was on Sunday!!!

See you all on Friday for ALS Awareness Month at Peggy Chun Gallery!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey Legs!

Aloha Peg's Legs! We are busy getting ready for ALS Awareness Month and First Friday (May 1) at Peggy Chun Gallery. Most of you probably saw the email newsletter we just sent out...we'll actually be sending out another short email with a newsletter correction - there was a typo on our last one - we are actually open TUESDAY thru SATURDAY 11 to 5pm. So spread the word - we're open on Saturdays!!!

I've been thinking of all of you so much lately. As part of our ALS Awareness month, we are putting together information and photo displays of Peggy painting at every stage of her illness. I spent an hour yesterday going through my thousands digital photos from 2001 to present. It was a fun trip down memory lane...seeing all of you, seeing the journey that we were on together. Wow.

So, we're heading off tomorrow to go camping with Indy's class! She is soooo excited. We're looking forward to a weekend of relaxing with the Hanahauoli family. Have a great weekend everyone!!! Come visit Kelly at the gallery on Saturday since she is holding down the fort while I'm camping! What a gal!

Happy Birthday Hanna!!!

Happy Birthday to Ms. Hanna Levitz!! Here she is at our gallery opening dressed as "Maka" from Peggy's painting "Maka Makai"!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter (and Taxes) Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! We had a nice day - brunch at my parent's house, a few hours at the beach, then dinner at the Seglers in Nuuanu...the Easter Bunny visited our house this year, but only the stealth version of himself. Both Jason and Eric were thrilled to have the stinky bunny costume remain in storage this year. The Easter Bunny filled Indy and Sawyer's baskets, and even brought a little lady bug hat for Cola (see photo, also titled "Why Cats Hate Us").

We're already getting ready for next First Friday which falls on May 1. May's theme is going to be ALS Awareness Month at Peggy Chun Gallery since May is the official ALS Awareness Month. We have been working with Evan from Archinoetics...we will be displaying some of Peggy's brain art and will have information from the ALS Association.

Stay tuned for more info on that as well as MDA's Annual ALS Seminar which will be on May 16. I just talked with Jennifer from MDA and it looks like I will be giving a presentation on caregiving...I may be calling on a few of you for some help and brainstorming...you guys are the experts after all!

OK, get back to your taxes everyone!

PS - Happy (belated) Birthday to Pat Gamble!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dreams Do Come True!!!

We did it! Friday night's gallery opening was a HUGE success! It was so much fun to see everyone and enjoy the night that we had worked so hard for...thank you to all of you for your support and help! We had a blast and Peggy was definitely there in spirit - you could feel her pride and her wacky energy in the air...

I have put some photos up on our Shutterfly account - you can check them out here:

Peg's Legs on Shutterfly

I am home today...enjoying my first Monday off since our gallery hours are now Tuesday thru Saturday 11 to 5pm. Kelly and I worked Saturday, the day after First Friday. Notoriously known in our neighborhood as "First Saturday" - the day when you get to come in and clean up all the spilled wine from the night before! It actually wasn't that bad and even kind of fun putting the gallery back together after all the partying...we even had some customers on our first official day open!

KGMB News Segment on the Peggy Chun Gallery

See the video here:


Here is the transcript:

Dream Comes True with Gallery Opening
Written by Terry Hunter - thunter@kgmb9.com
April 03, 2009 07:19 PM

Peggy Chun, the Hawaii artist who passed away last November, always wanted to have her own gallery.

Thanks to friends and family, the "Peggy Chun Gallery" is having its grand opening Friday night.

Even though she was diagnosed with A.L.S. in the Spring of 2002, the beloved artist, Peggy Chun, continued to paint, first with her left hand when the debilitating disease claimed her right; then with a brush held in her mouth, and finally, when she was almost totally paralzyed, with a computer that followed the motion of her eyes.

Her courageous, fun loving spirit inspired many people including "Peg's legs," the volunteers who cared for her when she could no longer take care of herself.

The artist herself is no longer with us, but her dream of having a gallery has come alive on Nu'uanu Ave.

"We've been working really hard to bring Peggy's spirit and her joy for life and her whimsical personality into everything here," said daughter-in-law Kimi Chun.

It starts with the pig sculpture in the window, made with her son Eric.

"She has such a range of different mediums for sure. But also just her subject matter. There's something for everyone, from the whimsical and funny to the Hawaiiana, nostalgia," Kimi said.

The work ranges from high end originals to ten dollar prints.

"It was one of her philosophies that she wanted art to be available to everybody no matter what they have in their pocketbook," Kimi said.

No matter what A.L.S. did to her, Peggy Chun found a way to create art.

These "nose" paintings are a good example.

"These are ones that she worked on with her caregivers. And she would direct the way they would apply the pain to her nose. And she would have fun telling them which direction to go. It was hilarious and wonderful and of course just the magic of water color," Kimi said.

Now Peggy Chun's legacy lives on in a place she would love.

"Her customers, they always became her friends, and that's something we believe in and want to continue here," Kimi said.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Watch KGMB tonite! And See you tomorrow for the BIG DAY!

Hi all! We're in the home stretch, getting things ready for tomorrow! Yay! We are so excited. We had lots of help Wednesday from our wonderful Legs. See photo below! And KGMB came to check out the gallery...we think that it will run today/tonite at 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm...we're not sure exactly, but keep your eyes out for it!

And we have some more birthdays coming up! Today is Marvel's birthday! Tomorrow is Marita Salassa's, Marita Biven's, and Magda's! And Sunday is Jason's birthday! Happy birthday everyone!!!

I also just had to share this amazing photo that Eric took at his mom's (soon to be the Seglers...it is going to be hard to break the habit of calling it Peggy's house!). Remember how Peggy was always nagging us to sort her photos? Well, we did it. Sort of. Thanks to the hard work of Joyce N and Eric (and all the many of you who put time in over the years), all of Peggy's photos are in one place...in bins. Look at this incredible tower of memories! And this is AFTER they were thinned out a bit (those of you who knew Peggy probably remember how obsessively she would shoot photos of EVERYTHING - especially scenery and foliage...she snapped photos like a wild woman long before the days of digital photography!).

So we're looking for someone to donate a few years of their time to scan all of our photos - anyone? anyone? Just kidding...belated April Fool's to you all!

See you tomorrow!!! XOXO