Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog Break

Aloha All...we will be taking a break from this blog as we get ready for the launch of our new site. The new site will have a current blog that I will maintain...stay tuned!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Indiana's Art Show!

Aloha All,

Please join us on March 19 (Slow Art Friday) and April 2 (First Friday).

Indiana and her Hanahauoli classmates (52 students, K thru 1) are having an art show here at the Peggy Chun gallery! We have a soft opening on March 19th (Slow Art Friday) from 5 to 9pm and the official artist reception on April 2 (First Friday) from 5 to 9pm.

Hope you all can come down for at least one of these nights and check it out - Indy and her classmates are very excited!

Indiana has truly inherited her Puna's passion for art. We know Peggy is very proud.

Hope you can join us :)

Kimi and Eric

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Wayward Blogger Returns

Aloha Peg's Legs. Just wanted to send a post out there in case anyone is still checking in with this blog...we are actually in the process of redoing the Peggy Chun website and am planning to have a new blog on the site, so that one will probably eventually take the place of this one, but I will keep you all posted on that.

Hope you are all having a good start to your year...things have been a bit slow for the arts, but we are hopeful for this coming Year of the Tiger...the economic challenges have forced us to really take a good look at our business model and the systems we have in place. The challenges have also given us a great opportunity to grow and think creatively. We've had to cut back our staffing costs, so Karen is on "furlough" right now and Kelly is part-time. Karen's still busy as ever though, working at Zippy's and now at the Zoo gift shop part-time (not to mention spending lots of time with the grandkids). Pepper (and Kelly) are cute as ever!

And while the gallery has presented us with some challenges this past year, 2010 is looking quite promising and exciting. I have been working with a committee to promote "Slow Art Fridays" in the Honolulu Arts District. This slower paced alternative to First Friday is every third Friday of the month. We've gotten a lot of great press and I was even on the news for a couple of morning shows. The momentum continues to grow and I'm confident that it will prove to be another successful monthly event for the area. Some of the restaurants are even beginning to do "Slow Art" menu specials and drinks! You all should come down for a Peg's Legs Slow Art is much more relaxed than First Friday and a really enjoyable night out.

I am also excited to share that I have just been elected as President of the Arts District Merchants Association! I am serving with 2 vice presidents - Dave Stewart (Du Vin, Bar 35, Bambu 2.0) and Sandy Pohl (Louis Pohl Gallery), treasurer is Phuong Tran of Art Treasures Gallery, and secretary is Jackie Walden from Chinatown Boardroom. ADMA is basically an organization comprised of all the merchants in the area...the job comes with some work and challenges, but I am excited for the opportunity to support and positively impact the arts district!

Eric and the kids are doing great. Indy is our little artist - she is absolutely PASSIONATE about creating. She loves art class and her art teacher...we enrolled her in an extracurricular art class at her school and she couldn't be happier. In fact, Indy's class in going to have an art show at our gallery in March. It kicks off March Slow Art Friday, so save the date!

Elroy just got back from DC doing more advocacy work for the ALS Association. He also did his usual stopover in SF to visit family. He brought back a t-shirt for Sawyer from DC that said, "Future Member of U.S.Congress"!

Maka and Cola are doing great. Cola has turned out to be the coolest cat I've ever met. She is so smart! If I don't get up early enough to feed her, she comes in and turns on my clock radio with her paw! How crazy is that?! She did get into quite a bit of trouble the other day, though...Indy had a little chrysalis in a bug jar and was waiting patiently for it to transform...she even named it "Franklin" and took it to show and tell.

So the other day, Franklin turned into a butterfly. Eric was about to put it in bigger container but when he came back Cola was attacking it on the ground. She completely shredded its bright orange little butterfly wings. Poor thing. It was like, "Hello World!" and then SWAT!!!

Needless to say, Indy was quite upset. We had a good cry and then gave Cola a time-out. Though, as Eric reminded us, it is her "nature". I found 2 more chrysalis that same night by our mailbox, so Indy named them "Bob" and "Frankin 2"...and the circle of life continues...

Love to you all and hope you have a fabulous day...come down and visit us! Slow Art Friday is February 19th...oh and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Peg's Legs! I will be sending out our Peggy Chun Gallery newsletter soon, but wanted you all to get the inside scoop first...we have 2 major things going on at the gallery this month - our first ever "Slow Art Friday" on January 15th, which is also the opening of our show featuring Arna Johnson and Geralyn Camarillo!

Second, we are having a HUGE Peggy Chun artwork sale. It is no secret that 2009 was a rough one for businesses and the arts are really suffering. We are struggling and need to recover, we have big plans for 2010 and have faith that we can succeed and thrive in the Arts District, but we need your kokua! Please help us spread the word that we are having a huge sale - up to 50% off of Peggy Chun originals! The Peg's Legs have always been the best network! Help the Peggy Chun Gallery survive and thrive by spreading the word to support the arts! The whole Arts District thanks you!

Here's more info on our upcoming events:

Introducing Slow Art Friday! Friday, January 15, 2010 marks the first Slow Art Friday, which will be held on the third Friday of every month in the Downtown–Chinatown area from 5 to 9pm.
Slow Art Friday provides an evening for art lovers to view, discuss, and enjoy the Arts District at a slower pace, allowing time and space for thoughtful interaction and meaningful connection. Slow Art Friday seeks to encourage a shift towards slowing down, taking time to enjoy the moment, and fostering deeper connections to art, to people, and to life. It is inspired by the “Slow Movement”, a force that is sweeping the nation in response to the increase of stress, disconnect, and “time poverty” permeating our culture.

Slow Art Friday celebrates the Opening Nights for art exhibits, and provides special local, organic, and traditional food and drink recipes at neighborhood bars and restaurants throughout the Arts District.

Slow Art Friday is a new monthly event celebrating Honolulu culture in our pedestrian friendly urban core. It is a new, slower paced alternative to First Friday, with artist receptions and opportunities to foster a deep and fulfilling appreciation of the arts. Slow Art Friday is also designed to support one-of-a-kind businesses, and to keep dollars in the local economy.

Arna Johnson & Geralyn Camarillo

Our inaugural Slow Art Friday, Jan 15th, will be featuring the artistic and creative imagery of our dear friends Arna and Geralyn, collectively known as "Ulu Art" ( Their artistic mission truly captures the essence of Slow Art. As they so eloquently put it, "We believe that by bringing colorful elements of nature indoors helps to promote an inner sense of calm and peace, allowing ourselves an opportunity for stillness, self-awareness, and a connection between mind, body, & spirit. It is through this process where we can become inspired by the divine, be open for self-reflection, and be able to make positive changes to ones environment and existence."

Opening reception will be on Slow Art Friday, 5 to 9pm.

Big Peggy Chun Art Sale

In honor of the New Year and the start of Slow Art Friday, we are having a HUGE art sale - up to 50% off of all Peggy Chun originals and giclees. Come for Slow Art Friday and you'll find unbelievable steals! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to invest in a Peggy Chun original! If you would like to make an appointment to get a SNEAK PEEK of our big sale, please call us at 808-545-4810 or email Kimi!