Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween This Friday!!!

On a lighter note...Please join us for Halloween this Friday at Peggy's house! Nuuanu is the best neighborhood for trick-or-treating! Lots of Halloween spirit! Come drink, eat, and pass out...candy with us. We'll start around 5 or 5:30 or so I think...feel free to bring a ghoulish dish or some spooky concoction to add to the mix.

Remember - this year our theme is "Batty"! We were inspired not only by the fact that we are all indeed "going batty" but also by Indy who decided to be "Stellaluna" this year. See photo above if you don't know who this fabulous fruit bat is...

Email Me Info for the CDC


The CDC needs to collect the name, birth date, and a contact number for each person that has cared for Peggy in the past couple months. Please email me this info, so that I can compile it for the CDC. Thank you.

IMPORTANT Request from the CDC

As you all know, a few weeks ago, Peggy's urine/stool sample tested positive for Salmonella. She took the antibiotic Bactrim and tests show that she is now clear of the Salmonella. That's the good news.

Cases of Salmonella must be reported to the Center for Disease Control and we have done so. I have been talking with the CDC about Peggy's case and they tell me that they need to know HOW Peggy contracted the Salmonella. While we think that most likely it came from a contaminated juice bottle in the kitchen fridge (I've since cleaned/disinfected the fridge), there is a chance that it could have been passed to Peggy by a caregiver.

The CDC has asked that all of Peggy's caregivers be tested. Even if you are not having symptoms, you could be a carrier and contagious to Peggy and others. If this type of Salmonella is in your gut and you are a carrier, you need to be treated by antibiotics.

The CDC says that anyone who has cared for Peggy in the past few months, both primary and B caregivers (anyone who has helped lift her in the bed, taken out the trash, etc.), should go to their doctor and ask that a stool culture be taken to test for Salmonella.  The MD can either take the stool sample at the office or have the caregiver go to the labs to do it. The labs must have an order from a physician in order to perform the test. 

Each insurance is different according to how much of it they will cover, so the caregiver should contact the insurance company to see how much of it they will cover.  However, this is a requirement for the caregiver to take the test.  Health care workers that are carrying Salmonella or other such bacteria in their systems are at-risk to the individuals they provide care for.

If you do not have insurance or your insurance won't cover this expense, please let me know and I can talk with the CDC about having you go directly to the CDC lab.

I know that this is a pain in the ass and I'm so sorry. However, I have spoken at length with the CDC and they stand firm that we need to take care of this and report back to them ASAP. Dr. Davis and HCA also feel strongly that we need to comply with the CDC request just to be on the safe side for Peggy's and all of our safety.

I'm sure many of you will have questions...please don't hesitate to email or call me. Thanks!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Peggy Chun, Inc. Needs a PC!!!

Last week our PC in the back office broke for good. We had been having trouble with it over the past 6 months and it finally was time. Our computer repair guy told me it was "time to let go"! Ugh.

So...we are putting the call out to anyone that might have a PC they would like to donate or sell to Peggy Chun, Inc. We need a PC (or a Mac that can run Windows) to run our payroll on-line and to run Quickbooks for our company. We can't function without one!

Please spread the word! Thank you!!!!

Spooktacular Success! Check out our Photos!

Aloha all! Our Spooktacular Picnic was a wonderful success despite the STORMY weather! BIG mahalo to all of our fabulous guests, vendors, and helpers who braved the Nuuanu rain to picnic and party with Peggy! I have put my photos from the day up on our shutterfly page - check them out here Peg's Legs on Shutterfly

Monday, October 20, 2008

Original Surfboards

There is a man that we know that owns the original "Surfboards". Circumstances are such that he has to sell it and so he has it listed on Craigslist. He has offered to give 20% of the sale to "Friends of Peggy Chun", so please spread the word!

Here is the link http://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/art/875695932.html


Update on the bedsore...Cathy came by and did a tele-med doc visit with Dr. Davis. He says we should keep the boot off and keep the area uncovered for a while. We have it elevated on a towel so that it is not touching anything. He is planning to come and do a face to face doc visit with Peggy in the next day or so.

We are still looking for a Spooktacular B for our Spooktacular Sunday this coming Sunday 10/26. Please call me or email ASAP if you can be the B from 10 to 2.

Tons to Share

I have so much to share since my last post. Seems like it has been a whirlwind of activity. First of all, last Wednesday we had a very special visitor thanks to Lynn Cook. Raiatea Helm, Hawaii's Grammy winning vocalist, came by to sing a few songs for Peggy while strumming along on her ukulele. She has a voice of an angel and is the sweetest person. She brought with her some of Hawaiian Host's premium Christmas Medley chocolate macadamia nut gift boxes which include a CD sampler of 3 of Raitea's songs. She graciously autographed Elroy's gift box for him!

Speaking of Elroy, he is back to his healthy self again and busy as ever! Elroy's sister Wilma and the Yim side of the family has been in town visiting from California. You'll see a photo below of all of us from dinner the other night.

Friday was Indy's 5th birthday. I picked her up from school and brought her to Peggy's house. Everyone was hiding in Peggy's room and we opened the door and they all yelled, "Surprise"! She was speechless! I asked her later if she liked the surprise and she said "Oh yes! That was a good idea. But I was in shock!"

We had a great time eating cupcakes and opening presents. The big hit of the day was a large stuffed white tiger from Peggy. The kids went crazy for it! See photo below of the girls riding on it. Indy has named it "Tigey" and it sleeps with her every night. She also likes to put a leash on it and pull it around our wood floors with Sawyer riding on it.

Saturday, Rhea and I got up early to go to go do the Vi Jones Medusky MDA Adventure Trek and Run at Kualoa. It was so much fun and the t-shirts with Peggy's image of the Koolaus turned out so great. They gave one to Peggy that we plan to turn into a dress for her. We saw a few Peg's Legs there - Pat Lokatos, Melody Ball...it was a great way to start the day (but those hills were no fun to run!).

Saturday night we had a little birthday party for Indy and my dad (they share a birthday) at my mom's house. We did the "October Fest" menu from this months Martha Stewart magazine. The big hit were the home made pretzels. So good - especially with honey, mustard, and (sorry, Martha) Cheez Whiz!

On Sunday, Karen and I checked out the Silpada Jewelry sale at Bobbie and Margaret's place. It was fun and the great news is that Nancy from Silpada will be coming here to show the jewelry at our Spooktacular sale so you can all check it out. Bobbie and Margaret's house is so cute and it is a total Peggy Chun gallery! They have Peggy's stuff everywhere!

So back in the office today. Peggy just had her morning bath. Lisa noticed that Peggy's leg has a bedsore again, probably from her white boot brace. It is on Peggy's right ankle. It is a golf ball size lump, very hot to the touch, but not an open sore. Cathy will be by sometime today to take a look at it.

Karen is decorating for Halloween today and we will be spending this week getting ready for our Spooktacular Sunday! Enjoy these photos below - by the way, the last photo is of Indy in a "Snow Princess" cloak that my mom MADE her for her birthday! Isn't it awesome?!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One More Request!

Forgot to mention that we also need a "B" caregiver from 10am to 2pm on our Spooktacular Sunday 10/26.

Looking for Some Spooktacular Volunteers :)

We are looking for volunteers to help with sales at our Spooktacular picnic/shopping event here at Peggy's on Sunday October 26th from about 10:30am to 2pm.

We are also looking for some donations for a pupu table and also for a dessert table. We're looking for little munchies that we don't need utensils for...let us know...call Kimi or Karen at the office 595-8434 if you have questions. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hawai‘i’s Education & Government eWaste Disposal Days 2008

This is so cool I just had to share...The University of Hawaii is sponsoring this year's Education and Government eWaste Disposal Days. This is a program that helps reduce pollution through earth-friendly disposal of your unwanted end-of-life electronics in an environmentally safe manner, regardless of the manufacturer, free of charge.

Schools, small to medium businesses and non-profits can dispose of waste from October 20th thru the 24th. Visit the website below for more info and disposal sites.

Even cooler - this program is open for Hawai‘i residents who wish to dispose of personal eWaste on Saturday October 25 from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Residents may drive in to one of seven drop off locations on The Big Island, Kaua‘i, Maui, or Oahu to recycle their personal end-of-life electronics.

Please check out http://www.hawaii.edu/ewaste/ for more information! What a great opportunity to get rid of old computers, cell phones, and other electronics in a way you can feel good about! See the web page for a complete list of acceptable items! And spread the word!

Peggy's Communication

Yesterday, with the help of Marvel, Lolo, and Kelly, we all tried to spell with Peggy. It took the four of us to really verify whether she was spelling yes or no. We got about a sentence spelled out together, although later when we confirmed it with Peggy she said that she didn't say that, so we're not sure. The communication has become very challenging. She has definite movement in her eyes, but confirming yes or no is often uncertain. There are times when her yeses look very clear and definite.

I took the opportunity to have another discussion about Peggy and her quality of life, trying to deduce from yes and no questioning whether she is still happy with her quality of life. Also, given our financial situation, there may be a need to scale back some of the services and level of care that we have always had. As always, I want to keep Peggy informed about where things are at and allow her to be a part of the decision making process regarding her health care.

We seemed to be getting yes and no answers, but there was a lot of contradicting and confusing responses. We think that she responded that she is satisfied with her current quality of life, but need to follow up with more conversations to be sure.

I told Peggy that we will continue to have these conversations over the next few days. I wanted to share all of this with you so that everyone is in the loop of where things are at. I know how hard is is to communicate with Peggy and I know how hard it is to know whether or not she is content, but you all are doing an amazing job. As I've said before, you know her best and caring for her based on what she used to like and ask of us is exactly what we should be doing right now.

As always, I will continue to update all of you on Peggy's communication and emotional state. The one thing I am sure of is that she loves all of you and truly enjoys the laughter, warmth, and joy you bring into her house everyday.

I have a meeting with Clarence from Hospice next week and we will be discussing the format and dates of some support group meetings and other support for all of our caregivers. Please come talk to me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just need to talk. I'm here for all of you and I am so grateful for the strength you all give to me. Thank you.

Upcoming Parties - Indy's Bday and Silpada Jewelry Party

Just coming up for air after our LONG weekend...was at Peggy's yesterday catching up on work and getting ready for our Spooktacular Picnic and also Indy's birthday this coming Friday, 10/17. If you are planning on coming to Indy's surprise party at 3pm on Friday, please drop me an email or call me to let me know...I'm trying to get a headcount for cupcakes! I will be bringing her by between 3:10 and 3:15.

Also coming up this weekend is a jewelry party at Bobbie Maurer and Margaret Stefanich's place in Hawaii Kai. They wanted me to share with you all that you are invited to a Pre-Holiday Party featuring the exquisite sterling silver jewelry of Silpada! If you have not seen this jewelry yet you are in for a treat! It is lovely and reasonably priced between $20.00 and $200.00!

Their party is Sunday, October 19th from 1pm to 5pm at Bobbie and Margaret's 144 Opihikao Way, Kauapa Isle/ Hawaii Kai. Phone is 395-1794. Light Pupu's & Beverages will be served. You are under no obligation to buy anything... it's ok to bring a friend, come and look and just have fun with the girls! Us Peggy Chun gals will be there checking out the jewelry and we'll have some of Peggy's merchandise there too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spooktacular Picnic Update

We are busy planning our Spooktacular Picnic with Peggy on Sunday, October 26th. We are now selling single tickets for $100 to those that would like to attend, but don't want to commit to a whole table. We also have a few $800 tables that seat 8 still available. Deadline for RSVP is October 17! But we would love to hear from you as soon as possible so that we can nail down our seating arrangements! Don't miss the fun! Mahalo!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Belated Birthday Wishes for Jade

Happy 6th Birthday Jade Bobbie Segler! We love you!!!! Hope your birthday was FANTASTIC!!!! (Jade's Birthday was October 3rd)

Birthday Plans for Indy!

Just spoke to Sawyer's doctor and his lab results came back NEGATIVE for Salmonella, so it is a just a flu bug that we are passing around. Yay! Spoke to Lolo and she is still sick...poor thing! Get better Lolo, we miss you and we need you!!! Eric is still feeling junk too...he's trying to sleep it off before he has to coach this afternoon.

I'm getting lots of work done at home. As I'm looking at my calendar, I'm realizing that we have Indy's 5th birthday just around the corner! We are not going to do anything big this year, but are planning on a little after-school gathering in Peggy's room, so please mark your calendars...

We will have Indy's birthday celebration in Puna's room on Friday, October 17th at 3pm. I am not going to tell her anything about it...we're just going to let it be a surprise! I'm going to bring her over right after school and we'll arrive around 3pm. I'm planning on having the room decorated and we'll have cupcakes! We'll hang out until about 6 or so and then head to Zippy's for dinner (per Indy's request!).

Hope you all can join us for the surprise! We'd love to have you in the room waiting for our birthday princess.

It's Monday! A Fresh New Start....Please????!!!!!

So, here's what has happened since my last post. Elroy fainted outside the house a couple times on Thursday and thankfully our hero of the day, Suzanne Ching, happened to drive by and see him laid out on the sidewalk. Then other neighborhood angels came to help get him upright and then later into the house. We convinced him to get to the hospital.

They kept him for 2 nights, gave him lots of fluids, and sent him home. At first they thought he had pneumonia since he has been fighting a bad cold and has a very tight chest/cough, but now his doctor thinks it was mostly dehydration and possible a low blood pressure episode. He's up and about again and claims he is fine, but still has a constricted sounding cough. We'll be keeping an eye on him for sure.

The cold that he has seems to be the same one that Lolo has. She has been out all week with a terrible cold/respiratory thing. Thankfully Marvel and Kelly have been covering for her (despite the fact that little Pepper is just getting over croup). And Marvel is still trying to get in to see a doctor because she still is feeling some GI distress.

I'm pretty sure that Sawyer had what Marvel had since he was throwing up. Then, on Friday, as I was driving Indy to school she threw up and then continued to throw up all day Friday. Sawyer seemed to get hit by a second wave of it to and also has developed a cough and fever that was going on through yesterday.

I was feeling great until Saturday. Then my energy dropped and I started to feel queasy. I was able to pull myself together to attend the Women of Strength concert honoring Mother Marianne and the Sisters of St. Francis with Peggy, Marvel, Suzanne Ching, and Karen. I'm sooooo glad I was up for it because it was the most beautiful tribute and the video presentation they did of Peggy was amazing! Peggy got a standing ovation that brought us all to tears. Wow!

So then I went home and got hit full on with the GI bug. I had stomach pain and nausea all night and most of yesterday. Then by late afternoon I began to pick up and feel tons better. So then what happens? Eric gets it. Ugh.

So that is where we are at. I'm up early trying to get a few moments to breathe. I know Indy will be able to go to school today, but I'm not sure about Sawyer. If he is up for it, I'm sending him - we are all so stir crazy just lounging around this house. And if they both are at school I may take the day to just clean the house and catch up with laundry (we've had our bed barfed in twice and gone through countless towels).

The great thing is that it is MONDAY! A FRESH START! A brand new day and a brand new week! Things are looking up!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween 2008 Theme Announced!

We have finally decided on this year's Halloween theme! Are you ready? This year, we're "Going Batty"!!! As you know, Halloween is one of Peggy's favorite holidays (which one isn't?!) and we always have a theme. This year's theme was inspired by Indy who wants to be "Stellaluna" for Halloween. If you don't know who Stellaluna is - google it! So start working on your costumes and don't miss Halloween night in Nuuanu. It is the best place to go trick-or-treating! The neighborhood goes ALL OUT!


Sawyer was puking all day yesterday, but he is back to himself today. We did take him in to the doctor to get him cultured for Salmonella. We will not have results until tomorrow, but they didn't seem to think that his symptoms were that of Salmonella poisoning. Nonetheless, I spoke with Cory and she and Dr. Davis want to stress that if any of you are having any GI symptoms, you need to go get tested in case you do have Salmonella in your system. You will need to be treated by antibiotics or else it may lay dormant and keep returning/spreading. Any time there is an outbreak of Salmonella it needs to be reported to the Health Department. Dr. Davis has reported Peggy's case and needs to give more info to them if there are more people infected.

Despite having a sick kid on our hands yesterday, I did make it in to the office for a bit (Eric had Sawyer at home) for a fundraising meeting in Peggy's room. Pat Gamble, Pokey, Pat Lokatos, Karen, Kelly, Kat, Lisa, Peggy, and I all met - and Conne Sutherland by phone - to discuss our next big event! It is "A Spooktacular Picnic with Peggy Chun". Here is the info:

Calling all Whimsical Witches (and Warlocks)...You are cordially invited to a Spooktacular Halloween Picnic with Peggy Chun on Sunday, October 26th at 11am.

We are looking for hosts to sponsor a picnic table for this private event at Peggy's home in Nuuanu. Picnic tables are $1000 and seat 10 people. Halloween hats and accessories are strongly encouraged and a prize will be awarded to the table with the most Halloween spirit.

We ask each table host or hostess to bring a light lunch and beverages for their guests. There will be entertainment and of course - shopping in our Boo-tique! Fabulous artwork by Peggy and other artists, jewelry, beauty products, crafts, and more.

Table reservations are limited. Please call Kimi at 561-1864 for more information. The purpose of this event is to raise money for Peggy's medical care at a most critical time. If you are not able to attend, but would like to make a donation to "Friends of Peggy Chun", you can donate online at www.peggychun.com/donations.htm or mail to

Friends of Peggy Chun
3115 Alika Avenue
Honolulu HI 96817

If you are interested in helping out or interested in sponsoring a table, please let us know right away. Our tables are going fast! We already have quite a few reserved and space is limited, so please let us know. This is going to be a really fun event and really needed since we are down to next to nothing in Peggy's medical fund.

Not sure yet how much the spa party raised...we think over $600, maybe more...it all helps to get us through until this next fundraiser. Thank you again for all your support. I have put some great spa party photos online at www.pegslegs.shutterfly.com - go check them out!

OK! Sawyer has the day off today and tomorrow, so I'm getting us packed up and will be heading to Peggy's house soon. I'm going to try to do some disinfecting of her room today and if I'm feeling up to it, I may try to tackle Elroy's fridge. Ugh. Talk about Salmonella...