Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Save the Dates!

Hey Peg's Legs! Hope you are all doing well. We talk to some of you here and there, but we sure do miss you all...We can't believe that it is already September...imagine that almost a year has passed since Peggy's death. I feel like this has been a time of transition...a time of regrouping and re-grounding, adjusting to life as it is now. I think I'm still getting used to it, still adjusting.

In many ways, I don't feel like Peggy has left us. Perhaps it is because we are surrounded by her art everyday and we get to share her story again and again with customers that come through our gallery. Opening the Peggy Chun Gallery in April was just the best way to honor her and carry on her legacy. I take comfort in seeing her name and photo everyday, seeing her art, sharing it with the world...I love and treasure the fact that she is still a party of my everyday.

We're doing great at the gallery, especially on First Fridays. We could use more customers and more sales to grow the business, but at the end of the day, it is just business and that is a lot less stressful than what we were doing. I feel like compared to managing Peggy's care, running her home business, and facing astronomical medical bills; running a gallery is a cakewalk!

We are having so much fun being down here in the heart of the arts district. We love being a part of the community and enjoy the eccentricity of Chinatown. Guess we got used to "crazy" at Peggy's house, so the neighborhood's quirky charm feels familiar and quite entertaining.

But what Karen, Kelly, and I miss the most is getting to see all of you regularly. We miss the bedside banter and sorority house feel that was our everyday at Peggy's house. We miss hearing all of your stories, laughing together, talking about everything and nothing...

When Peggy was leaving this world and I knew that life as we knew it was soon to end, I remember being so focused on ways that we could keep the Peg's Legs going, keep the momentum, keep the energy and bonding of the group. But as this year has gone by, I see clearly that I was trying to hold on too tightly to what was. I see now how important is was to be able to let everyone go, let everyone regroup and re-ground themselves, adjust to life without Peggy in your own way.

I also see that there was no thing to do or thing to say to keep the group together and bonded, because the sheer act of what we did for Peggy all those years will forever bond us together, whether we see each other once a week or once a year. We are forever Peg's Legs.

So, as we near the anniversary of Peggy's passing, we'd like to share 3 special "save the dates" with all of you...we have a few events coming up that will be opportunities to get together and catch up, be together, celebrate where we've been and where we're here they are:

1 - October First Friday at the Peggy Chun Gallery, October 2 from 5pm to 9pm - Our featured artists for October's First Friday are Peggy's dear friends Russell Lowrey & Fabienne Blanc. We are so excited to show their work...this is their first show in many years and we are honored to have them at our gallery!

2 - "Na Hoa Malama” - An event celebrating Hospice Hawaii's 30th anniversary!
Saturday, November 7th at Waialae Country Club - They will be honoring the rich lives of some of the extraordinary people whom they have cared for including:

Peggy Chun, beloved artist
Aunty Genoa Keawe, musical legend
Charles Cooke Spalding, philanthropist & founder of Boys & Girls Clubs of Hawaii

You all should be receiving invitations in the mail soon, but if you don't, please contact Hospice Hawaii. They interviewed myself, Eric, and Elroy for a video piece they will be showing that night!

3 - Peg's Legs Reunion cocktail party at the Peggy Chun Gallery - Friday, November 20, 5pm to 8pm. I'm envisioning Peggy's favorite cocktails and pupus - Tangerine Tickles, Oven roasted tomatoes, opihi, etc.! We welcome any other ideas you all have!

OK Legs, love to all of you and looking forward to seeing you soon!