Friday, August 31, 2007

Drunk Jack

Here's the latest installment of "Putting Stuff on the Cat". We are very proud of Lehua's masterpiece "Drunk Jack", however, it did come with a price. While Jack tolerated the morning dress up, he acted up the rest of the day. He got into my bag of groceries and tore open a bag of dinner rolls. And just now, he brought a large dove into Peggy's room. Lovely. Lolo and Doris are currently vacuuming up feathers. The bird, by the way, seemed to be OK when Doris carried him off to safety.

We have set up Terro Ant Traps in Peggy's room. Hopefully, they will start working soon. It took me half the day, but I finally got the new printer set up. I also had Karen make a ton of copies of the caregiver shift checklist at the copy center, so we won't need to use our printer for that for a while. Let me know when we are low again and we'll send it off to the copy center again for more.

"The Watercolor Cat" book looks great. We did find one typo - it says "Mercy Bouquet" instead of "Merci Bouquet". It's too late to change it, but it is pretty minor and actually kind of funny.

Eric took the Father Damien mosaic home today because Peggy wants him to draw a Kukui nut border around it.

One last thing - we are missing the cordless phone from Peggy's room! We cannot find it anywhere. And it must be dead by now since we don't hear it anywhere when we call that line. Anyone know where it is? Very mysterious...

Respiratory Training

I have schedule a Respiratory Training Session at Respiratory Home Care for Lisa on Saturday, September 8th 10am to 12:30. Is anyone else interested in coming to this training session? Please let me know!

Lots of Stuff

First of all, I am feeling a little overwhelmed lately. Indy had no school yesterday and she is out today and Monday too. This always throws me off a bit - managing 2 kids all day instead of one. Plus Indy is so used to all day entertainment and activities at school, not to mention playmates - I really can't compete with 20 4-year olds.

Eric has also started his coaching season for Iolani ILH Kayaking. That means he coaches Monday thru Friday afternoon from 3 to 6:30 and every Saturday from 7:30 to noon. Ugh. He loves it and the kids love him, but it is a big commitment from all of us.

We have also been working hard with HCA on some major scheduling issues. Michelle is taking all of September off and the first 2 weeks in October. HCA Eric is also taking a a week off in September and the first 2 weeks in October (they are feeling a little burned out and they also want to spend some time together...they are married in case you didn't know).

This leaves us with Misty who Peggy felt needed a bit more orientation to her specific needs. To resolve this, we have had Misty come and train for 4 hours with Marvel and 4 hours with Lolo to really orient herself to Peggy and the spell board.

Also, we have been training Lisa to do overnight shifts. She has done one so far and has agreed to help us cover the holes in our schedule - Yay, Lisa - you are our hero!!! So between Misty and Lisa we have the overnight schedule covered. However, this leaves us with a few holes in the daytime schedule. Here are the shifts in case anyone can take one:

Sunday, September 9th 10am to 2pm
Monday, September 24th 10am to 2pm (My birthday!!!)
Sunday, September 30th 10am to 2pm (Eric Chun's birthday!)
Monday, October 1st 10am to 2pm (Rhea's birthday!)

That's it for scheduling stuff for now...there have been some ants spotted in Peggy's bedroom and on Peggy! The weather has been bringing them in the house in great numbers. There is some natural ant spray in the room and we are also getting some "Terro" to put out.

Peggy is ready and excited to get working on the Father Damien mosaic. She has big ideas and plans. More on this to come soon...but she could use some help getting her plan organized and on paper.

Got a call last night that "The Watercolor Cat" book has arrived at the house for us to get a sneak peek! We will be promoting the book at the Hawaii Woman Expo at the Blaisdell next weekend on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th.

Speaking of that weekend - my mom has volunteered to help me take Cola to the cat clinic that Saturday. She has also donated her 2 old cat carriers to us! Thanks Mom!

OK, off to get ready for the day...gotta go set up the new printer. Grrrrrrr...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Watercolor Cat Launch Event

As you all know, Peggy and Shelly's book The Watercolor Cat has gone to press. The Peg's Legs, by the way, are a part of the story! The release date is October 17th (Indy's birthday! And my dad's too!)

We are working with Mutual Publishing on the marketing/PR for the book and are interested in doing a Launch Event in November. We are looking for a location for the launch event and so are asking if anyone has any ideas...

We are also interested in any other marketing/PR ideas that you Legs might have!

Here is a little blurb about the book:

Local artist Peggy Chun, known for her whimsical paintings of snorkeling cows, dancing pigs with tropical plants
and scenery shares her work and personal story through the eyes of her beloved and mischievous cat Boo.

Written for the young at heart, it tells the simple story of a painter who continues to find strength in her art through her battle with ALS. Her artwork is featured and shown in progression --form her early days as a struggling artist to the first stages of her illness when she loses the use of her right hand, through to her current state of almost complete paralysis. With the help of a computer she is able to paint with her eyes. Yet, despite the draining physical and mental challenges, Peggy continues to paint and finds solace in the act of painting and creating the beautiful scenes- both comical and poignant -- inspired her Hawai'i island home.

We Need the Help of a Cat Lover

We're looking for someone who would be available this coming Saturday or the following Saturday to come and pick up Jack and Cola and take them to their cat clinic in Kahala. The cat clinic is open from 2:30 to 4:30pm We are also wondering if someone has 2 cat carriers we can borrow.

Cola has some funky bald spots. We see her licking herself and we don't know if she has fleas, worms, or has cat OCD (really - we looked it up!).

Jack just needs a regular check up just to make sure he doesn't have what ever she has.

Adding a Touch of Green to Our Blog

I'm always looking for easy ways to help our planet and "green up" our lifestyle. I love The National Geographic Green Guide - they have a wealth of information about green living. So now, if you look on the left bottom side of the blog, you'll see a section called "Green Guidance"....a quick and easy way to click to their latest green articles...Enjoy!

And by the way - while you're at it, check out my other favorite site Ideal Bite and sign up for their daily tips email...they will send you "bite-sized ideas for light green living"

We're a BIG group, us Peg's Legs, and even little steps can make a big difference in our own health and the health of the beautiful world we live in.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Doc Visit Report!

Peggy had a telemed doctor visit with Dr. Davis today. She wore her new crab hat and bubble eye shades from Pat Gamble. Her main concern was the cuff. She told Dr. Davis that she thinks that she is losing up to 1cc/day. Dr. Davis, however, still feels strongly that this is normal and not something that is worth the risk of a trach change. He talked with her again about tracheal malasia and said that some leakage is normal.

Dr. Davis stressed again that we should avoid manipulating the cuff as much as possible since this could compromise the integrity of the balloon. There is even the possiblity of the balloon bursting. Peggy asked what we should due in that situation and Dr. Davis said that we could up her tidal volume to 1000 and of course call Respiratory and HCA. Now, we know that not everyone would know how to up the tidal volume...Catherine is finding out more about this. Also remember that in this scenario, Peggy should be yankaured continuously so as to avoid aspirating. But, let's just avoid this by touching the cuff as little as possible.

Remember, the best solution is not to put more in, but to adjust Peggy's position since this is mostly a positional issue. In fact, today when Catherine checked the cuff she found 17ccs! And the last time she did a 48 hour check she found 15ccs. This means that the leak is not significant and that most likely a lot of the problem occurs when the air is taken out and put back in by different people.

I know that this whole cuff thing is troubling to Peggy (and therefore all of us!) and I feel so bad that there isn't much of a solution for her discomfort. The best we can do is to help Peggy be as comfortable as possible by adjusting the trach. You guys are all doing a great job.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Photos from Sawyer's Birthday

Here is a link to some photos from Sawyer's birthday

Sawyer opened his presents with Peggy today...see photo...he LOVED it and Peggy did too. Thank you so much to all of you for making Sawyer's 1st birthday so very special!

Now, I am so exhausted from all the fun...gotta go and lay down!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!!!

Just about to head to Costco to pick up Sawyer's cake and then head to the house to set up and decorate! Yesterday was the calm before the storm. It was a fun day at Peggy's as we got things ready for the party. Marvel and her best friend came by and did the most amazing job cleaning house for us (they used to have a house cleaning company). They got things so shiny and sparkling - we couldn't believe what a thorough and awesome job they did.

We spent a lot of the day just sort of hanging out. We had a fun and full house all day long. In the afternoon, Peggy wanted to take a tour of the house, so Lolo, Karen, Christine, and our new "B" Doris got her up in the hoyer and just pushed her around for a while. It was too hot to get any office work done, so Kelly and I decided to pile office supplies on Jack instead. See photo.

See you all later today! I'm sure we'll have lots of photos to share from the party! Happy Birthday, Sawyer!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Party Planning, Ferrous Sulfate, and PM Gel

Busy getting ready for Sawyer's party this Saturday at 4pm - hope you all can make it! Peggy is (of course) going crazy with ideas for the party...she LOVES parties - especially ones for kids! I've been trying to tell her to help me keep things simple. I know, I know - I hear you all laughing. Can't blame me for trying.

A few updates on Peggy's care. We noticed today that her Ferrous Sulfate schedule has been changed. She should now be getting 5ml 3x/a day at 10am, 12noon, and 10pm. Also, it has been rumored that Elroy is "hoarding" the PM Gel. This is true. Ty gave him a bunch of samples which he is keeping in his room, so if we need more, just ask him! It is very expensive and Elroy has been buying it for us at the store since we can't get a Rx for it. So it was so nice of Ty to bring some by for us. She even wrapped it up for Elroy like a present! Ha! He was thrilled...and so now, yes, he's hoarding it.

Exciting news about Shelly and Peggy's book, The Watercolor Cat - the release date is going to be October 17th! That's Indy's birthday (my dad's too)! How perfect is that?!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Made in Hawaii - Pau!

We're exhausted, but proud after our LONG "Made in Hawaii" weekend at the Blaisdell. Karen, Kelly, Rhea, Bobbie, and Margaret worked SO hard selling Peggy's artwork and talking to countless Peggy Chun fans all weekend. We had so many fun visits from Peg's Legs and other friends. It was a very fun and successful weekend.

Marvel and Lisa brought Peggy down to the show on Sunday. Peggy got to meet lots of fans, see old friends, and (of course) do some shopping! Peggy also spent some time talking with fellow "abled artist" Morris Nakamura (see photo).Morris, who was mouth-painting at his booth this past weekend, has a genetic form of Muscular Dystrophy that has also stricken both of his brothers.

A couple Peggy updates. Peggy has been complaining about her trach cuff today. She says it feels like she is leaking air, however, there is hardly a gurgle sound coming out. We called it in to HCA and Denise told us she would be by later this afternoon to check it out. It was also reported that she didn't get much sleep last night.

Old friends and former caregivers, Sue and Michelle Fujimoto, stopped by for a visit. Michelle used to be a private hire and then she moved to California 3 years ago.

Eric is here to watch Sawyer while I work a bit, so I better go and take advantage of this baby-free time!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Marvel's Caregiving Tips

Marvel spent some time writing up some tips for spellboarding, hoyering, head position, and eye flushing. They are on the wall in Peggy's room, but I thought I'd post them here too:

Using the Spellboard - Peggy can read the spellboard if you hold or prop it so that the bottom row will be above her eyes. Also just as important is the distance at which you hold the spellboard. Most people hold it way too close. I suggest that the best distance is at her knees because it is difficult for Peggy to lower her eyes. Please have patience when Peggy's trying to get to the second number from the top line to the bottom line. For example, when she is moving her eyes from the 1 box to the 4 box.

Using the Hoyer - The black bar does not make a T-formation. When you hang the straps on the hooks, the bar runs parallel to the hoyer. The hoyer straps at the front (by Peggy's knees) are to be criss-crossed at the green hold (black into green) then hook both black ends onto the hooks. The back straps (straps by Peggy's head) don't get criss-crossed. Hand the 2 blue straps on the hooks. IMPORTANT - the edge of the bottom of the hoyer should never go below the crease of the knees.

Head Position - First, don't bend Peg's head too far forward. It can cause her trach to bend and poke into her neck. It feels like it's pushing down on to the bone vertebrae. It is very painful.

Flushing - Peggy may want a flush consisting of 4 to 5 gel drops in each eye. Or she may want a flush consisting of one drop in each eye. Either way after each drop you blink.

After flushing - You can ask Peggy if she wants PM Gel or Tobradex. And if she wants a bit or a lot. Sometimes she doesn't want anything at all. Sometimes she may want something (gel or Tobradex) in just one eye. She will say "right" or "left" or "both".

Patches - Take 4 cotton rounds and wet one of them. The wet one will be closest to the eye. Cover eye with PM gel (eye that will be covered). Take all four pads, cover and close eyes from and then tape with medical tape. Make sure eye is closed before you tape.

Wednesday Update

Peggy said she was having cuff/gurgling problems again last night. Cathy came by and checked it. There was one cc missing, so she put 15 cc back in and taped it back up. She seems to be doing fine now.

Today Lisa is on her own as an "A" for the first time! She's doing great. Yay Lisa! We got to meet Lisa's mom who came along with Lisa to hang out. We also had Marita and Betsy here - a fun and full house!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Flossie Downgraded

Looks like Hurricane Flossie has been downgraded to a Category 2 and is going to pass south of Oahu without giving us too much trouble. Let's hope The Big Island does OK. It has been gusty around here which is actually nice. I think this is the first day of the summer that we haven't used the AC in Peggy's room!

There was no doc visit today since Dr. Davis is out of town. Peggy's been busy giving us her booth decorating ideas for this weekend's Made in Hawaii Festival. Be sure to come visit our booth - the Festival is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Blaisdell. Get a jump start on your Christmas shopping. Peggy will be going to the Festival on Sunday.

Monday, August 13, 2007

In Case of Power Loss


Relax! Peggy can breathe! The ventilator has 30 minutes of internal battery power.

Please note: You might hear unnerving alarming beeps coming from the bed, the feeding machine, the vent, and/or the oxygen concentrator if it is being used.

Find a FLASHLIGHT - look under bed for the emergency kit and follow directions on top of lid.


1.Look on generator (located on front porch) for instructions to start generator.

2.After the generator is started, use the extension cord to connect the generator to a power strip by Peggy’s bed.


4.Plug ONLY the following to the power strip

a.Battery charger
d.Feeding Machine
e.Lights over Peggy’s bed
5.Connect the ventilator to a battery as if Peggy is in the wheelchair.
6.Use an oxygen tank instead of regular oxygen machine (only if necessary)
7.Have ambu-bag nearby!

Flossie Flossie

Today Kelly and I are working on HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS PLAN. Currently Hurricane Flossie is a level 3 hurricane and is expected to hit the Big Island late Tuesday (tomorrow). You can track Flossie on . Here's what we have for you so far:

1 - I spoke to Debbie from Respiratory. She recommended that if the Hurricane is upgraded to a 4 or 5, we should seriously consider checking Peggy into Queen's to be on the safe side. We have back up oxygen (located in the shower in Peggy's bathroom) and batteries (also in the bathroom) and a generator full of gas, but if the Hurricane really becomes threatening, the hospital is the safest place for Peggy.

2 - We checked the generator. It is full and turns on no problem. The instructions are on the generator itself. Remember that you need to use the manual pull-starter on the generator on the side. Eric will bring some extra gas by later today.

3 - Thanks to Elroy, we have enough canned food and water to nourish all the neighbors (and their cats) for months. We also have plenty of distilled water, toilet paper, and batteries

4 - Speaking of batteries...we have a bin under the bed full of batteries, flashlights, and radios. On top of the box are typed instructions for power outages. I will also post it on the blog next. I will also print this blog entry, since obviously, no one will be able to read it if the power goes out.

5 - Cathy will be coming in later this morning to check the cuff, so when she does, we will ask her to check the meds and make sure Peggy has plenty of oxydose and others as back up.

That's what we got so far. Remember - you can always call Me and Eric, Respiratory, or Healthcare with your questions!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dinner at Asia Manoa

I finally have a few minutes to blog since my parents are here at my house helping me with the kids today. Thank you, Mom and Dad! Sawyer has been a total opihi (for you mainland folks, that's a tiny Hawaiian mollusk). He's been so clingy, I think because he has 2 big teeth coming in on the top.

Today, I saw him walk down the hallway on his own - he took about 10 steps - the most he's taken yet! He was bringing me a crayon that he found on the ground and was so excited about it that I think he forgot that he can't walk yet! I said, "you're walking!" and he was so surprised he fell down. We should take bets whether he'll be walking by his birthday...anyone in?

Last night we had a dinner party for Elroy at Asia Manoa. My parents hosted the party. It was so nice to spend time with Elroy's side of the family and some of his classmates. Indy had a blast hanging with her cousins Debi and Abi. Debi and Indy go to school together and have so much fun together.

Hanna and Lolo did a great job of getting Peggy to the party. They worked hard getting all of her Elroy birthday projects done (Peggy's the "Last Minute Queen"). They got her there ON TIME with smiles on their faces. Amazing! We had a great time and the food was awesome. We were laughing, eating, and drinking for hours! Peggy loved it!

After the party, we waited outside for the cab which was late due to some van trouble or something. We had fun listening to Indy go nuts on a "cake high". We left to take the kids home once we knew the cab was on it's way. I'm assuming they were picked up! It was after 9 when we left, so I'm sure it was a long night for extra big thank you to the girls for all their hard work.

And if Peggy, Lolo, and Hanna try to tell you that I mooned them from our car on our way home, don't believe them. Heh heh.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Elroy's Birthday

I just put up the photos online from Elroy's birthday last night. And here's the link and my description of the event:

On August 7, 2007 we celebrated Elroy Chun's 80th Birthday at the Chun house! There was great food and great company as always. We had a "chinese rabbit" theme since Elroy was born in the Year of the Rabbit. We had a blast watching him open his rabbit shaped birthday ball filled with lots and lots of little gifts. You'll see that as he unraveled the yards and yards of crepe paper, the kids enjoyed dressing up as "paper monsters"!


I'm off to drop off Indy at school and then to Peggy's to drop Sawyer off to Karen. I have to go down to the KHNL TV Station to meet Jacque Langley. Jacque was the film teacher who worked with her students to create the HPU video about Peggy. The film, which focused on the theme of "Death and Dying", is going to be shown sometime on KHNL or KFIVE. The video is only about 15 minutes, so they want to supplement it with a round table discussion about the film, death and dying, and Peggy. They have asked me and Cory from Healthcare to be a part of the round table. They are also going to have someone from St. Francis Hospice, Jacque, and a moderator. They will be filming it this morning. Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sawyer's Baby Luau

Come one come all!

Please join us at Chun Party Central to celebrate Sawyer's First Birthday Baby Luau!

August 25th, 2007 at 4pm at Peggy & Elroy's - 3115 Alika Avenue Honolulu HI 96817

Questions, call Kimi at 561-1864 or email

Our theme is "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go" since our Sawyer is always on the GO GO GO!

There will be ono grinds and lots of fun for all including rides around the neighborhood on a real vintage fire truck!


The Chun Ohana

Saturday, August 4, 2007

So fun!

We just video chatted with Peggy from home! Indy and Sawyer loved it! And Lisa told me that last night's play was great. She said that they even mentioned Peggy in the play! There was a line something to effect of "your dress is almost as pretty as a Peggy Chun painting" - too cool!

Hooray for technology!!!

I haven't heard yet how Peggy's night out went, but I'm sure she had a blast! I'll be eagerly awaiting the report. Eric and I were too tired from my week with a sick Sawyer to go...Sawyer is finally getting back to himself again. More smiley, less opihi.

Yesterday was an awesome day. I cleaned up Peggy's computer (physically and virtually) and connected a camera to her computer. I set up the Mac Application called iChat so that Peggy can have video conferences with family (and anyone else with a camera and an AIM or Mac account).

We practiced by "calling" her from my laptop which has a built in camera. She got to see Sawyer and Kala'i playing in the living room from her bed! That gave me the idea to let her see the rest of the house where her wheelchair can't go. I took her on a tour of the attic and the cottage.

Then we saw that Jenifer Segler was online. We initiated a video chat with her and she popped up on the screen with Jade. There she was, clear as day - "Hi Peg!" Wow. It was really amazing to see it work.

Then we reached Peggy's brother Peter and we video chatted with him for a while. He was so excited to be able to see and talk to Peggy and all of us. It was beyond cool. Peggy just kept saying how excited she is about it all. I told her that now she can see more of Indy - we can check in from home on the weekends!

Did I mention that all of this is FREE. We had an extra camera from our old computer since my laptop has one built in and setting up the AOL AIM account doesn't cost anything. And chatting doesn't cost anything and it is so much cooler and EASIER for Peggy than holding the phone up to her ear for a long time.

I'll be training you all on how to use iChat, but it is really simple. You just have to pull the computer over Peggy's bed so that she can see the screen. We're just going to leave the iChat application open as much as possible. In order for people to call, you have to click on Peggy's name and make her "available". When a person wants to chat, you'll see a window pop up inviting you to chat and you can just click "accept".

If anyone would like to be an iChat buddy with Peggy, her AIM is peggychun - If you want to be an iChat buddy with Eric and myself, our Mac account is

Friday, August 3, 2007

Recipe for Fried Pickles by Lisa

Peggy also wanted this recipe from Lisa posted for all of you - yum!

Recipe for Fried Pickles by Lisa

Egg wash
4 to 5 eggs in a bowl
Salt & pepper in same bowl at your own preference
1 tsp of dijon mustard in bowl
1 Tbsp of milk

Mix all together with a fork

Add Season All and salt to flour. Mix flour and seasoning with fork.


Use Clausen pickle spears. Cut spears to what size you want. Drench
pickles in egg wash and shake in flour. Heat up oil. Drop pickles in and
when they are a nice golden brown, they're done. Then take out and
place on paper towels and while hot, add a little salt. Eat with lots
of ranch dressing. That's the best part!

More Stuff from Peg and Lolo

Lolo reported to me that Peggy said that Eric got some blood when suctioning - this is because of the cauterization that they did Tuesday. Peggy also said that she had pain in her left lung, but that it went away after suctioning and hasn't returned.

There was no blood yesterday, either on Andy's shift or on Lolo's, when suctioning. She said also feels congested. When Lolo suctioned yesterday, she said she got very little and it was slightly thicker than usual, but normal color.

Lolo also emailed me some stuff Peggy dictated for the blog last night and on Wednesday. Thanks for picking up my slack, Peg! Here's what Peggy has to say:

I had trouble with my eyes until 8pm. I have to put a large amount of PM at night when I am sleeping. If ever I get a tiny spot uncovered without PM, it will cause a lot of irritation.

Pat Gamble told us about her trip to Alaska on a private yacht. I love to travel vicariously through my friends. Kay Hoffman told us about her five week trip to Europe, including Spain, a farm house in Italy, and a week in London.

This afternoon we were treated to a visit and music by Kay Hampton. Kay played the accordion and I was shocked by her fabulous talent.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sawyer and Peggy Update

Well, I've had a sick Sawyer all week. It started Sunday with mild fever, then on Monday he had a fever of 104! His fever dropped by Tuesday but he was still so crabby and every night he's been waking up screaming. Yesterday, he cried and screamed all morning so I finally decided that I had better take him in to figure out what the heck. So, after working a part day at Peggy's I took him in to the doc and I'm so glad I did because she looked in his mouth and saw tons of mouth ulcers in the back of his mouth and throat. Poor thing! No wonder he's been screaming! She told me it is probably "herpangina" caused by the "coxsackievirus" - aren't these horrible names? Anyways, there's not much you can do except ride it out. Great.

Today Sawyer's mood is better, but he's still not himself and I just found that he was too clingy and crabby to bring in to Peggy's. I'm glad I kept him home because as the day progressed, he developed an awful rash all over his body! I spent a while tracking down the doc who said that it probably is just a viral thing and that I should just watch it today. Sigh. It has been a long week.

A few updates on Peggy. The 48 hour cuff test went well and there was no leakage, so Dr. Davis doesn't want to change the trach just yet - but we'll be monitoring it over this week. On Tuesday afternoon Peggy had her doc visit and Cathy and Catherine cauterized a few places around the stoma.

That's all I got...I hope to be back in the office tomorrow - we'll see how our little guy is. Peggy will be going to see Lee Cataluna's play "You Somebody" tomorrow night. Deena Dray and the Diamond Head Theatre generously donated a few tickets for the regular Peg's Legs. Peggy has a big month this month - she's going to the play this weekend, out to dinner for Elroy's birthday next weekend, to the Made in Hawaii Show at the Blaisdell the following weekend, and the last weekend of the month is Sawyer's First Birthday Baby Luau at Chun Party Central. I'm emailing the invite out soon - save the date - Saturday August 25th at 4pm at Peggy's. We're not doing formal invites 'cause EVERYONE is invited!!!! Come one come all! It's party time AGAIN at the Chun House. Didn't I say "never again" after the Women's Party? :)

Speaking of Sawyer, thought I'd share this photo of his latest trick - yankauring Puna!